How do you make a kill count?

For my RISE game, I need something to keep track of kills (if you decide to kill.) Please help.

Make a variable called kills on mygame.js

Then use *set kills +1 after each kill.

Where do you do it at? And what can I delete out of all that stuff?

Open mygame.js with notepad or (better) Notepad++, which you can download for free at if you haven’t already.

You’ll see a section that starts with “stats”:

`stats = {

 leadership: 50
,strength: 50
,willpower: 1
,wounds: 0
,met_princess: false


Just replace the named stat with your stats, so for example replace “leadership: 50” with “kills: 0”. That means your game has a permanent stat called “kills” and it starts at 0. Then, as N_S said, use *set kills +1 for each person killed to increase it.

Thank you!