How do you avoid mutiny

i know it was stated tha is a set course of things to do to avoid mutiny on your ship…wht are they???

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Go a few pages back and find the topic [spoilers] choice of broadsides question its in there.


i cant get to it from my kindle

You need to do the following

Spoilers ahoy!

when you get the defender.

Clean the ship completely
Keep them working
Drill on sailing
identify the worst culprits
Do nothing.
put him on double watch and forbid rum
whip him
ten lashes
Do nothing
investigate murder
keep investigating
Restore Jones

that does it. if it helps here were my stats

Sailing 62
Gunnery 73
leadership 69
fighting 81
patronage 46
tact 50
likeability 41
honor 71
courage 70
bloodthirst 43
intelligence 77
wealth 43


Nocturnal: It also depends on your stats.

If your leadership and intelligence both suck, you can’t avoid a mutiny.

If you have high intelligence, but low leadership (below 60), then you should probably take it easy after cleaning the ship, and punish the crew lightly for indiscipline. Later, you should hang the guilty sailors to make up for this lapse.



I wasn’t sure if stats were important so posted them as well thanks for confirming that.


If your leadership, intelligence or likability suck you can’t avoid a mutiny.


Screw that I ALWAYS go for the mutiny!

I like killing the traitors in cold blood when they dare over throw me mwahahah :smiley:

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@Roslyn_samalt06 same here

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Blood thirsty captains unite!! <):slight_smile: :ar!

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One more)

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you nearly made me repeat the mutiny because it wasn’t in order but it worked