How do I use *scene_list function?

Plz give the link.


In addition to that this might help:
See the second purpose of the startup txt.

@Marethyu @Samuel_H_Young Thanks. Actually I was looking for some sort of checkpoint function. Is there any in choice script?

Not really; you have to create your own, and it’s kinda complicated. Basically you have to make a duplicate variable for all the variables that can be changed, and then set the original variable to the duplicate variable at each checkpoint. Then when you die, you set the duplicate variable to the original variable, and send the reader back to the checkpoint. So like this:

*set cunning 50
*set cp_cunning 50

*set cunning cp_cunning

*set cp_cunning cunning
*goto_scene startup


Sam – wouldn’t it be more natural the other way round? i.e. If cunning is the stat that’s “live” throughout the game, then at the checkpoint you’d set cp_cunning to be cunning (thus recording your cunning at that moment) and if you died, you’d set cunning to be cp_cunning (thus resetting it to what it was at the checkpoint).

The way you’ve got it works if cp_cunning is the stat getting updated throughout the game; not sure if that was your intent.

Oops xD yeah, I had it switched around on accident

@Havenstone @Samuel_H_Young Why is *author showing error? Could it be because I am using an old version of choicescript?

Most likely, try updating it.
But what’s the error?

Yeah, that’s probably why.

@CJW @Samuel_H_Young I updated it but showing error as “authorTag is null”

I wrote it as

*author Amith Shaju

And I can’t edit my discussion thread. Says “Permission Problem”. I wanted to post the updated link of my game. Should I start a new discussion?

How did you update it? Sounds like you didn’t replace the index.html inside the mygame folder.

To do a full/proper update you should download a new copy of CS and move your scene files across, they should be the only consistent files.

Thanks. It worked.