How do I launch the ChoiceScript server

Look, help me, please I have writing experience but not programming experience, and it seems I’m not proficient in opening files either, because I click on run-server.bat, example game appears, and “server is ready: http://localhost:55319
Press Ctrl-C or close this window to stop the server”, appears to end the batch file, clicking Y/N, nothing happens. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

Okay, but what’s actually the problem?

“Launching the ChoiceScript server will open a window to the server”, and it didn’t! I think

What happens when you open the index.html? inside the folder " web / mygame "?


So, click on “escolher arquivos” and select the main folder from where you’re opening your game.

Also, here you have a gift, for your eyes…

PD: If that doesn’t work try using firefox. I think is more friendly to run choicescript.

im not an expert either but i think you just need to press on the button Escolher Arquivos and select the folder that has your game files

A part of my problem is this, friends, there’s no game, I’m trying to create the game trying to follow what I saw in the “Make your own game” part, which said to open the run_server.bat so I thought it would lead to this , now I’m lost, because idex is when you already have one, isn’t it? And I don’t have any
thanks tho

@Super_Blackmail But I don’t have a game, I’m trying to create it, which makes me more confused

So, then you can go to web / mygame / scenes. There you’ll find the txt files of the demo, you can delete them or open them and start to edit them to create your own game.

Here you have a place to start learning all of it


i meant game as in projects. Piggybacking off what @Loudbeat said the files in the folder mygame should be what you submit, either that or the whole folder

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I think I understood what was your dillema, here, download this program, its a probram to “make” choicescript games, you can ask for help in the thread. Also, there are a lot of native PT speakers at the forums lately.

Also I superrecommend you to use Loudbeat link for the Master List Thread, I wish I had read it when I began.

Eu acho que entendi seu dilema, Por sorte, há uma maneira simples de resolver:
Baixe isso: Ambiente Interativo de Desenvolvimento.

Instale e use no seu pc para criar os seus games. Se precisar de ajuda para “upar” seu jogo na internet peça aqui no forum.

A propósito super recomendo usar o exemplo pronto nesses links acima:

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