How do i code a choice of game?


Hi all.

Now i know there have been countless threads asking the same question: how do i code a choice of game?

I have looked at the information that has been provided on the website yet the understanding of how coding games eludes me. I am not exaggerating when i say i have played every game that has been released on here whether hosted or not. So because of this, i feel that i have some great ideas that i just need to harness.

I need help on:
How do you create choices?
How do you create a “next” button?
How do you create a text field where people can type in a name and how do you then get the story to use that name when the MC is talked about?
How do you create a points system?

It’s that kind of stuff i need help with. I can’t wait to share my ideas with you in the future!

Thanks in advance.


By no means perfect, but worth an hour or two of your time if serious about learning to code:


Have a look at how Choice of the Dragon is put together:

Do read through the tutorial Vendetta posted, start experimenting, and bring any specific questions back to the forum.

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