How can I translate the game and make a patch of it?

Greetings to everyone! :wink:

I am not a native English speaker, and I am very sorry if there is something wrong with my expression.

I’ve played and bought a few games, and I really enjoy some of them (even I have to use machine translation to help me fully understand them).

Sadly, when I recommend the CoG to my friends, they are completely uninterested because it is only in English. :slightly_frowning_face:

So I wish I could translate and make some fan translated patches, or just translate some chapters of them to see if my friends would like them. I have no intention of making pirated copies or anything else.(Actually I hardly have the knowledge of this)


Unfortunately you can’t. COG only supports English (apart from the one translation of dragon). Any language patches would be unofficial mods and not supported.

Alternatively they could play it through the website and use something like Google translate to auto translate it, but how accurate that would be is another matter.

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I think you may have misunderstood me, I bought and played through steam, not online on CoG. I want to modify the local file to get the effect I want.

I recommend you check with support. However, being honest with you I could understand clearly why they will say no and why they wont be people messing with their code.

I am not native as well. I understand how frustrating can be. But I am also see why they don’t allow people just randomly mess with their code and putting unsancioned translations.

It can be used as incentive for learning English. It is and was an incentive for me. I am self-taugh in English and reading Cog games was one incentive for me.