"How can I, as a blind person, use ChoiceScript and write games?

I’ve tried everything, from downloading the folders/documents to setting everything up on my computer, but it’s not working. Why? Can someone please help me? I’d like to write a game and make it as a real Storry.


Hello, @Fatemafehan!

I am not sure about the compiling and testing process (which might get tricky since it has a lot of moving parts), but ChoiceScript itself is basically just formatted text.

Could you be more specific about what part of it is “not working”?

Have you been able to write some code but can’t test it or play it? Or are you having trouble even getting to that stage?

@dfabulich, do you have any advice for how someone might use choicescript with a screen reader or other accessibility software? @CJW, do you know if CSIDE works well (or at all) with these tools?


CSIDE definitely doesn’t work perfectly with screen readers. I’m always open to making improvements with feedback, but as I don’t fully understand and appreciate how they are used, it’s not something I’ve invested a great deal of time in myself.

My suggestion would be the ChoiceScript VS Code extension, as VS Code should work quite well with screen readers, and I’d think the extension accessibility would largely come for free. I haven’t tested this theory though.

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“Well, I have tried to save my text file as ‘TXT’ and placed it in the ‘Sins’ folder, as the description said. I’ve also done a quick test for it, but I can’t see anything for a resold. Afterward, I tried to upload the files to my game and attempted to play it, but I can’t see the text and the options. I tried using CSIDE, but, as the other person mentioned, it didn’t work with the accessibility.”
You can download the Defilub files and read it. It works well with the screen reader I use for my computer, as an Examble Jaws."
I am so sorry for any Grammar Mistakes but English is not my First Lanuage.

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I’ve send you a message, might be able to help with that.

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I believe @ArchivistAlpha096 is also an author who has mentioned being either blind or visually impaired.


That sounds extremely frustrating!

I will DM you my email. If you can send me the files, I will check them to see if it’s a problem with the files or a problem that’s related to your screen reader not being able to read the results.

When you look at other people’s choicescript games, are you able to play those? I’m curious if your experience with published work is different than what you’re running into while trying to compile and play your own. This is the most recent release.

This is the VS (Visual Studio) plugin that @CJW mentioned if you would like to try that in the meantime. You will also need to download Visual Studio to use that. As CJW says, VS does seem to be much more accessibility-minded than most software!

@CJW , if you’re interested, here are a couple of guides for developers on testing your software with a screen reader (NVDA) that look good. All I could find was website developing guides, but the principles should be similar.

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So I’ve read over the posts, and if I’m not mistaken, you’re attempting to edit code? Or at least edit code so that you know that you can do it? Is this correct?
For a screen reader, IUs, NVDA, as opposed to jaws, and I also use a program called notepad plus plus, and a program called tiny spell, although I’ll have to do some work to get you the link so that you can download it. As far as I am aware of, both of them are free, I like notepad plus plus due to the fact that it tells you what line you were on, which I find very useful when finding game errors.
If you would like, I can send you my email address, and then you can send me the file, so I can have a look at it and see what’s going on.
Although before that, I would like to know exactly what you were trying to do, so I don’t accidentally messed stuff up because I think that you were trying to do some thing while you’re actually trying to do something else.


Thank you verry much.

I have upluaded my Fils tu my Game but sume Times I cant see or read any thing and sume times it said we apologize or ar sorry and rifresh know or an Error with a Links you can try it if you want here is the Link.https://dashingdon.com/play/rosaline-18/mumtaz-mahal/mygame/ I will also post it as a publik Reblay for the other People here. And tell me what can you read Yes please send me the Links

Thank You very much, yes I can read other People Works in Progres and play it. Thank you for the Links meby it can realy help.

Here it the Link for all please try it and tell me, if you can see or read anny think https://dashingdon.com/play/rosaline-18/mumtaz-mahal/mygame/

I get a popup error when I try to load that page:

startup line 27: Invalid create instruction, value must be a a number, true/false, or a quoted string: name Mumtaz Mahal

So it sounds like the problem might be that the screen reader you have isn’t recognizing errors.

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no aktualy I’ve the same Error. That is my problem two now.

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can you please send me the Links for this Pages or Programs?

If you are doing what I think you are doing, the reason it’s doing that is you need to put the name in quotation marks. Right now it thinks that the name should be either a number, true/false, or, I forgot the third one.
For future reference, I know there is a wiki article, I’ll have to find it though, but there are three types of variables. Bullion variables are true/false, and tend to be used for things like, for example, if you wanted to buy either apple juice or milk, if you bought apple juice, you would have something below the choice that would say something along the lines of, set, Apple juice, true, or, if you bought the milk, it would be, set milk true.
No commas, although for something like apple juice, if you wanted to separate, apple and juice for the space, in this case, you would put an underline, as you don’t really do spaces for variables, unless we’re talking about string variables.

String variables on the other hand, as I stated above, have to be put in quotation marks, and can pretty much be whatever you want. They usually used for names, or short pieces of tax that you’re going to be using multiple times. Although other than having to be put in quotation marks, they’re pretty much just like writing things down normally.

Number of variables, I’m pretty sure that that isn’t actually the name for them but I can’t think of the actual name for them off. The top of my head, are pretty much numbers basically. It would be like, create X5, or set X5.
These types of variables are normally use to track things, like, for example, looking back at my example above with the Apple juice and the milk, have you had a shopping list with 10 items on it, and then you decided to buy either milk or apple juice, you would have to put something along the lines of, set shopping list under line contents, plus one, because the Apple juice is now included on the shopping list.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Also, apologies for any spelling, mistakes or random words, as I’m using my phone, and occasionally the auto correct, decides that I don’t actually know what I’m talking about, and it should help said silly human by correcting words.

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@Fatemafehan Here are links to some of the things that @ArchivistAlpha096 mentioned:

  1. NVDA (free screen reader)

  2. Notepad ++ (text editor with line numbering)

  3. Choicescript Wiki Main Page

  4. Choicescript Wiki Basic Tutorial

  5. Choicescript Wiki variable types

I think @ArchivistAlpha096 is correct about the likely error here.

Your “create” command should be formatted like this:
*create name "Mumtaz Mahal"

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Well to make Thing more difficult than it is I’ve done that before I even give you the Link and if I must to be shore, I’ve done that even before I create this, Topic.

To be frank, ChoiceScript can be fiddly even to English-as-first-language sighted people. I think your solution might have to be collaboration.

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Can you check the line before the comment? Sometimes a formatting error or typo can result in error messages that refer to lines other than the one where the problem really is.