How accurate is randomtest and am I allowed to modify it?

Howdy fellas

I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I need to check the stats at the end of a scene, of every combination of choices…

So yeah, I’m wondering if anyone knows if randomtest will run a game exactly like how a reader would see it? Or is it more like quicktest where it pretends, and skips bits?

Also how does CoG feel about people messing with their code?

Thanks for any replies!

Randomtest is an automated process, so, no, it will not run a play session like a human would everytime.

It has been known to get itself stuck in a loop by choosing choices that a human would not necessarily choose in sequence…

It does not act like quicktest, though.

I would contact them directly about what you want to “mess” with, as they do evaluate each submission individually. In general, they do not like most changes that mess with their code.

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perfect, cheers

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Take a look at this, seems like it would be helpful to you.


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