Hosted Games iOS bug : no game appears if OS is set to Asian languages

Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but since I live in an obscure country and not sure if iOS reviews made for my country’s store would be noticed, I’m making the bug report here.

So, I’m a user of the iOS omnibus app for Hosted Games, and due to my work and other hobbies, my iOS system language is set to Japanese. (I use a few JP apps that don’t play nice with English.)

Today I updated the HG app to version 1.5.0, and was really shocked to see the app looking like this, with all of my purchased games gone:

After the few minutes of panicking, I deduced that the app is working but fails to load tags and games for some reason, and hypothesized that it’s because of my system language. To test this, I set the OS language to English and behold, this happens!

If the system language is Japanese, the app doesn’t load any games. If the system language is English, it loads perfectly. I’d really love someone to look into this bug.

Caveat : I’m using an older iOS here because I don’t like iOS 10 upwards, so it might also be a weird thing the devs wouldn’t think about. My apologies, but the app still supports my version, so…

iPad Pro 9.7 inches (first gen), iOS 9.3.1

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Best bet is to probably email the company with the bug and let them know you’re having problems with it and see if they know :slight_smile: (Contacts are on the main site.)

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Just in case, I’ll let @dfabulich Dan knows about it here, too.

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Thank you! I’ve sent an email (which is also better worded thanks to not being written at 2am on a tablet, lol) to support. Hope it gets sorted out!

Thank you!

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