Hong Kong Blood Opera Updated 16th January

Good point! I need to expand the wardrobe some more. If you have any ideas could you post some example images of outfits that you’d like to see in the game?

Thank you so much.

There is always the business blouse+suit jacket with pencil skirt/pants

Low cut/slutty is always my go-to if its an option cause ya never know who is gonna show up

Form fitting/tight

A backless option

Maybe some kinda traditional garb of the country from those aunties i guess could be given at no cost

China dress

Thats a whole lotta mens options. The 7000 “off the rack” could be the standard “suit and tie option” (with a lower price) and moved higher up the list while removing some of the choices

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As some of you may remember I cut out the fantasy arc several months ago. It was a decision that never sat well with me but I don’t regret it as it wasn’t working. It kept rustling in the scrap pile of my imagination though and recently it started talking sense. Through a series of epiphanies, I figured out how to make it work. So it’s back. The first chapter of it is now live in the DEMO.


Here’s a spoiler on how to find it:

Select “Baiyu and I did something afterwards, something weird and mystical. I can’t quite remember.” at the end of Chapter one. And then “I return to my car and investigate the book. I follow where it leads me.” in the Temple Street Market scene in Chapter 3

The Big After: Descend into a world of madness, magic, weird science and mystical Kung Fu powers in the After. Can you navigate the Infinite City? Can you love a ghost? Can you romance a woman in a coma? Meet gods and shake the pillars of heaven, literally.

@Aoyama_Blue_Mountain Thank you so much for the wardrobe suggestions. I haven’t added them yet but your feedback is at the top of my To Do list this week. I have increased the number of save slots though.


Or to the flashier male outfits for my mc, as that too is being stuck in a suit for now, I think.

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A minor update to the game today I’ve added another chapter to the urban fantasy chapter. These will come thick and fast as lot of them are already written and simply in need of editing.


I’ve created a fix for this so there’s mechanics for temporary costumes. After the temporary costume scene ends the MC should revert back to their previously selected outfit. It’s not live yet in the Demo but it’ll be in the next update.

@Aoyama_Blue_Mountain I’ve added some of your wardrobe suggestions on my end and I’ll add some more later. They’ll be live on the next demo update.


Thank you so much for these. I did fixed most of these except “monged”. I might try to establish what this British slang expression means earlier in the game. It’s not a mistake, it’s simply obscure.





  1. heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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What’s the purpose for stat descriptions or stat choices that pop up when you deal with people? I think it seems unnecessary unless it offers something unique or different if I chose a creative response or a seductive response, and of course the characters should be able to respond differently as it makes no sense to include them if the variations are the same.

Also, some scenes seem to be not working and failures happen abruptly without resolution like the Sister Ting incident later on where I had no indication of what caused me to fail, or the failure was abrupt that I was more annoyed than engaged. I’d give that one a pass since this is still a demo but I just want to bring that up in case you forget.

Also since we are centering on arcs, maybe tie in the character’s background with that arc, like maybe if you are a tech specialist you can do some hacking shenanigans for Spin’s heist etc. All the occupation just feels the same besides some flavor that lasts one or two pages. It’d be better to reduce them.

Also some arcs for me are not engaging as they are happening at the same time as the one that I invested in, and sometimes it fails to gain my interest. Why should I help Punky with her investigation? Why should I do the urban fantasy arc? There is incentive for Donnie, Spin, and the Main arc which engages the player to pursue it. You choose Donnie because you want your MC to do the right thing and stop the Triad threat and possibly save Hong Kong. On the other hand you want to pursue Spin’s arc because bank heists are fun and you want your MC to be powerful. Same with the writer’s arc. Hollywood or entertainment is a life of fame and riches that draws anyone in.

I think the other arc needs that hook or engagement to lure the player in and incentivize them for taking it other than just “why not?” Coz that would cause boredom and disinterest real fast.

And lastly, I do not get the Seiko sex scene at all, like why was it put there? It also feels a bit railroady on getting on with her and the sex scene needs a bit fleshing out, needs a bit spice. If you want to put it there just because then you really need to spice it up even more to keep it engaging.

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Thank you so much for this. I’m going to address your feedback before adding more chapters.

There are stat tests which I’ve recently added when I was revising the mechanics. Something is happening “under the hood” but these choices are incomplete, they’re missing vital descriptions.

Thank you so much for saying this and all your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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Ohhhhhh, never heard that til now

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I’ve been silent on the forums for the past week but I’ve been massively busy. I have made a lot of big changes and expansions to the game.

I took @AlexHaydenX’s feedback to heart. In my desire to include lots of ROs I spread myself too thin and every arc was suffering as a result. In order to balance out the workload of all these arcs I was resorting to railroading. So what I’ve done is to take the Tommy, Punky, Vincent and Fantasy arc offline.

Punky, Vincent and Tommy will still be important minor characters in the later stages of the game.

The Fantasy Arc, I found a way to use what I’ve developed for this arc by… well you’ll see.

Donnie Arc: I’ve done a lot of fleshing out of the Donnie arc. It has extra dimensions that it didn’t have before. Players can enter the Donnie arc with three motives Justice, Revenge or Selfishness. There’s also extra stats to reflect this.

Spin Arc: I haven’t made any changes to the Spin Arc but axing the other arcs will enable me to explode this arc in complexity to include lots of inter group dynamics especially beyond chapter 11 when the player recruits more people into the crew. There will also be another another RO in the heist crew besides Spin.

Seiko Arc: This will begin in later chapters.

Main Arc: I’ve added Sister Ting as a minor RO. I’ve also fleshed out a lot of the choices that had stat checks but which seemed to skip ahead without the player seeing what the outcome of the test was.

Writer Arc: I’ve fleshed out the writing process choices in chapter 7 but there’s still a lot more to do.
I’m working on an enemies to lovers RO for the writers arc.

The demo finishes at chapter 7. I don’t want any more feedback on chapters 8 or 9 for the next week.

If people haven’t played the Donnie arc yet I’d love to hear some feedback on it.


I’m looking forward to these improvements and I appreciate you following my criticism and not being against its idea but at the end of the day, its your game and your story. You have the choice on who to listen to and not.

That said in my opinion I think you are on the right track. Instead of adding another set of arcs with these side characters in the center, I think you can flesh them out more by connecting them to the main storylines.

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I think for me this is the right choice as I never felt interested in these side arcs and always picked spin or donnie

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I’m not overly impressionable and you weren’t the only one saying it. My girlfriend has been telling me for ages to stop adding arcs or I’ll never finish the game.

I was also heeding the advice of a game designer acquaintance (not for Choice of Games) who said that if you’re stuck on a project reduce the scope.

All the arcs are going to be better as a result. You won’t necessarily see all the changes right away but Donnie, Spin, Writing, Central and Seiko arcs will all be better for increased care and attention.

The takeaway I got from your feedback wasn’t to axe those arcs. It was that the arcs weren’t working. So I thought about what would be needed to address issue and I concluded that it would mean another year of development (I’d rather finish sooner and start another game) or to have lots of arc but resort to railroading to get the project finished. Neither seemed like an attractive option.

I’d rather have a really good game with 4 arcs than a mediocre game with 7.

@Gregor_Maloney Thank you for your kind words. I hope you like what you see the new material for these arcs in the next few weeks.


Owwkkk after reading it’s description I’m already in :star_struck::star_struck: can’t wait for ittt guess this one will be my another favourite

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hello! i loved the writing, it was superb and it really feels like i can imagine a movie while reading this… but anyway! im not sure if this was addressed already or not… but while i was reading the scene where mc looks for their dad’s lost boat and found it repainted and renamed (i think it was chapter 3? im not sure) , they come across a drunk man who tells them they’re a tresspasser and fights them. after i choose an option where they try to gain an advantage againt the drunk… it suddenly leads to this, the photo. im not sure where tommy, punky, and little rat came from because i don’t think the drunk man ever mentioned his name, plus as far as i know he was alone. so this scene really confused me and i don’t know if i missed a paragraph or something. it’s like i got transported to an entirely different scene

Thank you so much for your

Thank you for your kind words.

That’s an old scene but it’s a new bug. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I edited that scene recently and I seem to have made a bodge of it.


A bug report as well. The characters kept calling the MC as Kai than their given names. Is it a bug or its the surname of the protagonist?

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Thats a bug the MCs surname is Dunsmuir.

Thank you for spotting that.


So I have another suggestion again (I hope you dont get too tired of hearing my suggestions I’m sorry) but I think you shouldn’t set fail states of stat checks at chapter 1 right off the bat. Like I noticed that when I picked the wrong skill when the MC and Baiyu attacked the ship the MC failed.

I think what you should do, like what the other games has been doing is make the first chapter as the one that will recognize your character’s skills and boost it to suit what you have in mind. I have no idea when the game started testing against stat checks which is why I’m surprised when that happened.

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