Hong Kong Blood Opera Updated 16th January

Couldn’t agree more! It really has that feel and vibe.


This looks promising, maybe I have found the way.

I thought the MC new them before they had to leave. If so, it would make sense if they had a thing for them.

love me a kung fu / hong kong shoot em up. I like the feel of this novel

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Just wondering will I be allowed to wear a trench coat I kind of want A Better Tomorrow feel in one of my run throughs

Yes. There is wardrobe but it doesn’t get introduced in the first chapter. Destructable wardrobe. So you may go through a few pairs of trenchcoats before the end of the game.


You both raise good points. This is a tricky one as romantic conventions in this genre defy the norm. People can and do fall insanely in love with each other at first sight. However I can’t assume everyone is familiar with the genre conventions I’m employing. This is a tricky one and I’m glad you raised it. I will keep your feedback in mind on my next pass through. Right now I’m focused on getting the next three chapters up. Then it’s another run through all of it before proceeding to the second act.

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Haven’t had time to check it out yet but I just have to give you the biggest bloody thumbs up for namedropping Saviour of the Soul!!!

As a huge CatIII/pre-china takeover HK movie fan I am already smiling!


There’s been some good movies since the takeover. It took filmmakers a few years to find their feet but HK movies are back.


I have this image of my MC, kind of like a female Jackie Chan (his fighting style is amazing, also hope to incorporate some comedy as well). A mix between Police Story and Rumble in the Bronx. I hope that combat allows me to fight like him. Also was he fight on the rooftop supposed to end if I chose to act defensively?

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This pretty cool!!! I love how snarky you can make the character :grinning:
The ending scene got me a bit confused. How could get the girl pregnant if I chose the MC to be female?

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Does this mean… there are ROs?


There are many mistakes, but this is very interesting!


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There will be more comedy fighting. And Drunken Kung Fu is a thing.

Sorry I need to make that clearer. That bit is you reading a manuscript that your father left behind.

There will be plenty of romance in the style of the genre.

I like it. :blush:

Not sure what time era it takes place, but if it is within reason I’d love to see the style of Bruce Lee in there - Jeet Kune Do. :grin:

If not, no worries. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

You can learn the one inch punch and wing chun. I am not very familiar with Jeet Kun Do but I will have a look.


The time period is contemporary. Hong Kong is under China’s control.


Thought so, but then I got uncertain and wasn’t sure, ha. :grin: