Hollywood Visionary -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED

Send an email to jason@choiceofgames.com for access.

Please include your forum name in the email.

As always, the purpose of the game is DETAILED feedback. It doesn’t help to say “oh, there were a few spelling errors.” If there were spelling or grammar errors, take a screenshot! Or copy and paste the offending text into an email, so we can search for the error.

Moreover, feedback should also include things like, “this moment didn’t work for me because of x, y, and z” or “I think you need to do this thing differently” or “I wish I would have had this #option here.”

Also, it helps me with organization if you send your feedback as a “reply” to my email with the access information, rather than as a new email thread.


I’m in.

Sending email now.

I’ve sent my email…

I’m applying for beta

I just sent an email

I have sent a email yesterday!

It’d be cool if you guys put a short description of the game in the opening post for these beta request threads. After all it’s a lot easier to get motivated to test a game you like, and its’ a lot easier to apply to beta test games you’ll like if you have an idea what it’s about.

I know you have those in the upcoming releases thread, but it just seems like it’d make a lot of sense to put something here too in case people don’t know about that or missed it.

I did a few playthroughs but haven’t replied to the mail coz the game seems pretty perfect honestly.

VERY well written, great length, no grammatical errors or typos that jumped out to me.

As for suggestions, I’ll be trying to come up with a list and reply to the email.

I’m always happy to help! Email should have just arrived.

My email still has not come sent it three days ago

Me too still did not get it yet

They haven’t replied to me yet as well!!

If you’ve not been sent the beta-test link then please be patient. Jason is not a robot, he sends out the links personally, and he doesn’t work 24/7. He’ll get the links to you as soon as is possible.

@Shoelip It’s part of the test. :smile: Like finding the email address needed to join the beta. It’s a quest to prove you really want to test the game! I don’t think you get penalised for volunteering and then changing your mind if you don’t like the themes though.

@HitenMitsurugi I’d say in that case write down what you liked about the game, what aspects worked for you and why. What you thought of various scenes and why you enjoyed it. As a beta-tester you’re not actually looking for grammar and spelling, you’re looking at the game as a whole.

Just got it you should try to email again it worked for me

I’ll be sending an email.

@FairyGodfeather I don’t feel good giving up on something. Like, this game is already turning out really different from what I expected, though it’s of very high quality overall and I have yet to find so much as a typo the style just isn’t quite my taste.

I sent it to the wrong email! So I just sent to the right one!

Hey All –

What did you think about the party scene?

i really liked the party scene it was nice break from the intense feeling the game has it was great to have a laugh with other characters and i did have a little guilty laugh at the dog as well. More scenes like that would be welcome.

I’m still putting together a few notes, but I did enjoy the party scene!

It seemed a bit like a different game, but that was a needed break. I particularly enjoyed the “special guest.” The only thing I would add is a bit more character work. I know it would be tough, but having a chance to have deeper interactions with some of the big players would be very welcome.