Hollow Monsters [WIP]

I really like it so far, and I definitely look forward to more when it comes, but I must ask; how did Amun strangle the Main Character if the Main Character had the shackle around their neck? Wouldn’t that make it difficult for Amun to accomplish?


I love the story it is good read

He used the Force.


Interesting demo, can’t wait to learn more about the stranger in the dream.

Keep it up! :wink:

Oh man. I changed the location of the manacles to around the MC’s ankles in my head, but forgot to rewrite it. :laughing: I’ll fix that!

Never mind about moving the manacles, this is actually what happened. How did you know?

Again, thanks to everyone who’s responded! I really didn’t expect anyone to like this demo so I’ve been pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:


Forgot to answer this. Yes, this is a faerie game. I’ll update the description soon to make that clear. I have so many versions of this plot that I kind of stayed vague when I was writing the main post. :slight_smile:


I liked it :grin: Good job!

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