Historical RPG

I’m thinking of writing an RPG histroically based…Any ideas? I however want to write the story from the character’s birth to so on.I do plan on having gender choice as well.

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Any period of history specifically?

Which part of the world? East or west?

-Do you want social climbing, using family connections and/or wealth?
Regency (London 1810), do the season and get the most eligible bachelor or débutante.
Live the American dream, from log cabin to the presidency! (Any period of the last 200 years in the USA)
Ottoman harem (Istanbul 1600’s) become the Sultan’s favorite and get your son on the throne
-Or mercantile enterprises, using opportunities of trade or commerce to get rich?
Robber baron (New York 1880’s) build a railroad empire by outwitting your commercial rivals
Golden age (Amsterdam 1600’s) Find investors, send ships to the corners of the world, get rich and famous, have yourself painted by a Dutch master.
Alaska (Klondike 1897): Get your stuff together, survive the Yukon trail, and get rich by prospecting or fleecing the other prospectors.
-Or fighting and conflict
Pope vs pope (Rome or Avignon 1378 to 1417). You are THE pope, defeat the anti-pope!
Gangs of new York (New York 1850): Fight to make your gang the rulers of Four points

I love all the ideas and are taking them in to consideration.Time period wise I want to start from the Mid 1800s and do as the Choice of Vampires and progress through history…My idea was that you choose a male or female character and then choose his/her background and the son or daughter ( I hae no discrimination on homosexuality howevver you must have a hetero spouse but I may add having a gay lover later on) of a lady and work your way up to having your great grand daughter/son as queen/king of a country I have yet to name or make up…I am greatly inspired by Downton Abbey and the Victorian Era but will look into other European countries as well/ I also am going to showq how your character deals with key events such as the Boer War of 1899,WWI,The 1851 world fair,slavery,industrialization and so on.Does anyone have thoughts or questions on this?

Also would you want to choose the gender of your children as well?

One scenario is for a woman and it’s inspired by Pocohontas where you’re the daughter of a Iriqouis chief who catches the eye of a visiting entrepreneur(Circus owner to be exact) and propositions you to go to the European country where the royal family watches a show and catch the eye the son of a noble/royal…Once you choose that choice I would have choices on courting and speak on the family’s reactions and the ROYAL wedding then progress onward…I’m working on how I could incorporate a daughter and a common man

I do not have the time or the talent to build a game of my own, but I thought of two history based concepts that I think would make great Choice of Games.

  1. A cold war era espionage game. You are caught up in the murky world of spies and traitors in post war Europe. You would have the option to spy against the commies, act as a double agent, or play both sides againts each other for your own gain. The main scenario could ultimately involve deciding what faction to put in power in a third world country.

  2. A viking game. You lead the crew of a viking longship in the 9th century. You decide where to sail, where to raid, and who to ally with. Do you convert to Christianity like so much of the western world, or stay a pagan. Your character could be Danish, Norwegian, Saxon, Irish, or other origins. See Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicals for inspiration.

I quite like @Vermander ‘s espionage idea, and it’d be a nice genre addition to the Choice of Games’ selection.

Thank you Vermander I love the ideas that you’ve given…Keep the concepts coming people:)…I don’t plan on drafting anything or starting my story(or deciding what story I want) until Tuesday

I would like to set a game centering around the founding of the Tang Dynasty in China. You play a soldier in the Army of the Lady, commanded by the woman who would later become Princess Pingyang. The rebellion against the Sui is pretty excellent a time to set in China, seeing how women did fight in the Army of the Lady. The Princess also made sure that prisoners of war were treated well (that’s why people keep joining her) so we can also avoid the horrible things. Lastly, male homosexuality at this period of history is common so gay lovers yay! Now, female homosexuality in China isn’t well documented because patriarchy but there’s no reason we can have a lady liaison…

@ScarletGeisha Well, that does sound very easy to make into an awesome, free-world game without losing historical… stuff. But after consideration I’d like ta say I think it’d be hard for Westerners to find stuff out about that time.

I really dun mind, I just love games!

Oh shit, I meant to say “there’s no reason we can’t have a lady liaison…” Bloody fingers!

Also, after further consideration, I don’t think I want Westerners to make something Asian, at least not without someone suitable to bounce stuff off with.

Try a world war 2 Holocaust game? It’d be a new twist and it might be good,

@ HenryCarliseCullen: Lol, yeah I don’t think that’s going to go over real well.

I mean I’d be more than willing to play as a Nazi Death Camp guard if the character was written well, but I’m pretty sure not many other would regardless of how well he was written.

I suppose if you were doing it from the perspective of a prisoner then it would be a little more acceptable to some people, but I dunno that makes it just seem like the standard escape from prison type game just with a Holocaust backdrop and some might still find it offensive.

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Alright, I was just thinking itd be a new twist for CoG

Screw being acceptable! What’s the point of drawing in the lines?

@devex3 true! It’d be Epiv to have a holocaust game, espiecally as a Prisoner, even through others might not like it, it would be nice to atleast TRY one.

* Epic

No, I agree that it could be interesting, but I’m thinking even without the controversial subject of making a Holocaust game, for most people the overall tone would be too oppressive especially if the author did a really good job on the historical aspect.

Playing as a prisoner, the goal would probably be more focused on surviving until the war ended rather than escape and having to endure the horrible living conditions and sadistic guards. Add in some of the potential horrible things that could happen to various character choices (Torture, rape, medical experiment, malnutrition, forced labor, the showers, etc.) and it wouldn’t be pretty.

I mean I’d play it, I’m just wondering if it would be acceptable to make such a game on this site.

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Hm, if you were to go with the Holocaust idea, you would have to tread VERY carefully. Tons of research would have to be done and it’d all have to be handled with ungodly amounts of tact. And even then, it doesn’t seem like something particularly ideal for publishing.