Hiding reuse under an *if

Best I got it this…

*if (Blah = Blah blah)
  *hide_reuse #Blah blah
     *other code

I’ve probably asked half a dozen times before but my two brain cells are currently fighting over which one gets oxygen right now.

Sorry for formatting, writing on my phone

*temp sawOption false

*label hi

*if(sawOption = false) # “Option”
*set sawOption true
Blah Blah
*goto hi
# Option 2

But all that logic does the same thing as hide_reuse.


Thanks. I’ll keep this topic open for now just in case another solution comes by.

Your original should work as long as the *choice or *fake_choice is set up correctly around it. So for example, depending on what you’re trying to do with it:

*label blahchoice
  *if (Blah = Blah blah)
    *hide_reuse #Non-reusable choice contingent on blah blah.
      *goto blahchoice
  *hide_reuse #Non-reusable choice.
    *goto blahchoice
  #Reusable choice.
    *goto blahchoice
  #Final choice, moving on...
    *goto done

*label done

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