Hide % when creating a stat chart


Was wondering, is it possible to hide/not display the percentages when using *stat_chart?

Say, I have a variable with a maximum above a hundred and I want to display its value on the pretty red stat bar. These steps are easy enough: I divide the current value by the maximum to get the %, create the stat bar and display the variable value through ${}.

The only problem is, the amount of % will also be shown - which is something I don’t want. Can I get rid of them somehow?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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Run two separate variables and have one of them be the fake variable, which is capped at 100, and the other the real variable, which is hidden.

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How does that help me with hiding percentages though?

I want the end result to be something like Strength (${value}) on the stat bar. But using *stat_chart always results in Strength (${value}): %amount, which looks very clunky.

Or is there something I am missing?

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Do you mean this? this will display a variable as a value instead of a percentage


Should have probably linked an image from the start haha

I want something like this: keep the red bar, but without the display of percentages.

I don’t think it’s possible, but figured I’d ask anyway, just in case.

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No, it’s possible if you do it manually instead of using a variable/calculation.

  1. You need to open a choicescript game and go to the stat screen

  2. Use inspect element to edit out the % sign and make the stat have whatever text you want for it’s look

  3. Take a screenshot after the alterations

  4. Do this several times until you have every single different strength level you require for your game

  5. Put the cropped screenshots/images in the images folder so they can be used in your game (i recommend using the dashingdon website for this part)

This way you keep the pretty red bar :slight_smile:

I recommend naming the images Strength_5 and Strength_10 etc…


Well, this is certainly a way to do it :sweat_smile:

Thank you! Didn’t even think about using images.

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