Hide game script

From what I understand, there’s a way for people to check the gamecode of the playtest/WIP version of your game. I understand how this might help people locate spelling and other issues for you. I don’t want people peeking in my code anyway.

Is there anyway to “hide” or “lock” your script and make it impossible for just about anyone to have a look?

No. People can always access your files. The number of people who do it are a minority though.

Edit: unless of course you don’t post a link to the game in a public forum which if it’s only on your PC then others can’t see it.

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I see. Disappointing, but thank you kindly for your quick answer.

About edit: I understand that. There’s fairly little government secrets in my script, so I’m not too worried about Russian hackers.

But not putting the playtest on the WIP forum here at least might be an option to consider.

That will hardly work. How do you want future readers to know if your work is good enough? How do you want testers to test it (and believe me, having people testing your game is a great investment)?

You can make it a closed beta test, but in that case, since you aren’t known, you will have an hard time finding good testers willing to go in without any demo. And those guys are always going to see your coding. A committed tester (in a closed beta) will usually look at the code and files. Otherwise it would take a much bigger amount of time to check some possible issues.

Are you afraid that people end up stealing your game altogether? I get the fear. Still, I doubt CoG would publish something like that. They want their writers to feel safe when going through the testing process.

And besides, if you want to publish a HG you will always be forced to have people (even if a few) test it. It isn’t a comfortable reality, I feel you, but it is what it is. I understand that putting things out in the internet isn’t a very comfortable thing to do (I am writing a game as an hobby in my spare time, so believe me, I know the feeling), but it is the process of HG’s business model, no way around it. :slight_smile:

I’m not really worried about people stealing anything, I’m not much of a coder or a writer. I feel like I have many reasons to not want people to see the code, but if I think about it none of them are good reasons. Childish embarrassment for what should be for my own eyes only probably sums it up best.

But I’m also not sure whether I would ask money for it, and if I did whether I would even want CoG/HG to be a part of it (not counting giving them their share as being part of it). Which means I have fairly little reason to use this forum specifically for testing, is what I meant. It would also feel disingenuous to use a board essentially meant for feedback on projects that do have that aspiration for something that likely doesn’t.

Q) Do I have to pay you a fee for the code?
A) As long as you don’t make any money off the code, you don’t have to pay us anything.

Q) How can I publish my game on my own and make money? Can I release directly on the iOS App Store, for example?
A) Once your game is written, we will sign a commercial license with you. See the contract for details, but the gist is that you’ll be free to sell and distribute a game made with ChoiceScript anywhere you like in exchange for 25% of your gross proceeds.

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Well, thanks for correcting me, @Carlos.R. My bad.

I will remove my post, please keep yours, it is very informative. :smile:

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you can compile it before uploading it
trust me it looks mind boggling after compilation - only a few people will check your code that way + it has HTML included so if you really want no one to see your code just compile it
But it doesn’t lock or hide your code it just make it hard to comprehend


Ah, I see the compile file in the ChoiceScript folder now. That’s pretty close to what I was looking for and I think somewhat like what I’m used to Ren’Py doing as well. Thank you very much.