Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I had no idea thanks

Hi im looking for two games. In the first one you have two mcs working against each other an you switch between them. One is a „evil“ wizard that just moved in an abandont mansion and the other one is a chosen one of a god that must gather deciples for said god.

In the second game the mc is a super powerd person that is being held in an facility an being trained to use their powers ( i remember doing an parkour and fighting robots) but then he somehow gets on a plane (forgot how he got there) and gets captured by a villain and you fight some heroes on the plane and after the plane crashes.

I don’t know about the first, but the second one sounds like this.

Pretty sure this is the 1st one https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/become-mortal-136-000-words/47938

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Yes thats is Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes perfect thank you for your help:)

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I’m not sure if this is a Choice of Games, game or not. But you play as someone working at a fair and run into this demon girl, whom you take to the hospital but then some supernatural people come after you and you have to go on the run with the girl, turns out a demon has been living inside of you your whole life also and it can be exorcised out of you in book 2 I believe. I’ve been searching this forum everywhere but can’t find it.

is it superstition? the girl is a witch though not a demon plus it’s on itch io

Yeah, that would be Superstition S1 by 13Leagues.

A game where magic is outlawed and those who posses it are outcast u are hired by someone as a bodyguard and when u get there u r rescued by an organization who attacks beasts? But I‘am also curious in games where magic is illegal

Is it Shepherds of Haven?
Some elements seems to fit, but I’m not sure about everything… :thinking:

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Yup its that one thx

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Hey,I played this game once but can no longer find it.

It’s about the MC being a supernatural creature and often having to be monitored because of it, another thing I can recall is that you can choose what you want to be one of the options being a barghest.

I don’t remember what the other options are

im pretty sure its virtue’s end!!! I can’t seem to link it, bit if you’d search for it, you’d find it in no time!!!

hamia is correct, it’s Virtue’s End, it’s still in developement but no longer on the forums

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That’s the one! Thank you!

hey i was browsing my old bookmarks when i remembered a wip i really liked. its about the mc working on a graveyard. the mc also has a secret about how they cant eat or drink anything but the monsters they kill at night. you can choose to train or hang out with people. i remember the author saying that they either shelved it i think. the mc wields a katana and you can choose to train one of the characters there.


I believe this is what you are looking for.

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The game was taking a lot longer to make than I expected due to multiple responsibilities, so all progress being made on it is going to be in private and on my free time.

The next update will be when it’s ready for publishing.


oh its fine! i just wanted to reread it again and realized i didnt have it bookmarked. take all the time you need
@MIGSey yup its this one. thanks!