Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

That’s awesome! What novel did you base it off of?

A New Pulse: First Bite.

I wrote it before I discovered Choice of Games. :slight_smile:

Edit: Uploaded the old demo to dashingdon which you can get to here;

A New Pulse - A First Bite (dashingdon.com)

It’s not been touched much in the past five years, but as far as I am aware this should be everything that was in the original demo when it was hosted on dropbox.


Cool! Thanks so much!

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Note to self: do not reply to things when you can’t process words due to being half asleep. :disappointed:

This is a direct link to a possible match to your description based on what you actually said.

A couple things to be aware of if this is the correct one - Firstly; discontinued indefinitely by the author until otherwise stated. Secondly; if it does come back, it won’t be here, or in choice script.

If this one is wrong as well… I likely haven’t read it. :sweat_smile:

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Hi I’m looking for a WIP that I played a couple of years ago
It was gender lock male
The MC was half human and Half demon
And a mage

I remember playing this game in early high school on the computer. It was silhouette style graphics like limbo. It was an alien invasion of earth. You would train troops to send out and you could build rockets to launch. You gained money by sending out trucks to pick up what looked like gold to bring back to the silos. Anyone remember the name of this?

i’m not so sure about the silhouette style graphics but it sounds vaguely like a Command & Conquer game

No that’s not it. It was a 2d game. Only forwards and backwards movement. Definitely silhouette graphics. Thank you tho!

This one has at least a few years I think, and it is not very long. You live in a residence for people with special powers where you are a resident and/or employee? The first thing you do is calm your neighbor who can control the temperature with her emotions. Later you go to a bakery to the nearby town by bus and bring back sweets to the cast. You feel someone watching you the whole trip.

Is this it?

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Yeah, it is. Thanks!

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Does anyone know what happened to The Emortuus: Betrayer can’t find it did it cancel or change name? :pleading_face:

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The forum thread and the tumblr page have been deleted and the demo is still up in dashingdon.


Does anyone remember the game where a protagonist take her brother’s place as emperor (disguised as a man). I remember the Mc had a pretty horrible childhood due to the lack of self-worth she has and how misogynistic her environment is.

Also does anyone remember another game where I think the setting is Victorian-esque. The ROs I remember are your cousin, a weird stranger with magic you’ve met in your dreams and I think a cavalry/ military captain (??)

i might be wrong but those sound like King of Kings and An Absinthian Ballad :slight_smile:

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Thanks I already found “an absinthian ballad” but I can’t find the “king of kings”

The two demos are move to itch.io I think.
Check out the Author’s tumblr. There are link to the itch.io page.

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Oh… But I can’t see the game on itch.io can you please show what their username on itch and tumblr are ?

The tumblr: https://locria-writes.tumblr.com/

Itch.io page: https://locriaa.itch.io/

Also, I’m pretty sure that King of Kings is only avaliable on dashingdon for the moment.


Oh thank you so much!