Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Could it be Dawnfall? Or Artificial: Life as an AI?

Don’t know if I can ask about adult ones here but does know the name of an IF that has 2 stories on it: one is you in and affair with your friends just broken up GF and the second is a stories of you broken up with your GF thinking she is cheating on you with your uncle (she’s not) but is actually keeping a different secret

So i was playing this wip where the mc are a journalist or reporter of some sort with an telepathic ability.

If i’m not wrong, in the preview, someone is dead and the last place they visit is like a car repair shop (i don’t remember, but i do remember there is a car there. It could also be a bar.) So mc go there and was greeted with a stranger. The stranger told mc to leave, but mc insisted to stay. Then the owner came out and mc interviewed them.

I also remember that, mc only have one family left, which is their aunt who also have an telepathic ability like mc but far stronger. When the aunt died, mc moved to a house in a small village(?) where mc’s aunt used to live.

That’s all I remember. Pls help me find this wip🥹

It’s this one:-

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Sounds a bit like CC’s experimental WIP Seduction
No idea if her patreon version has more of the story slots filled in, but even if not (between the more major projects she’s got going currently) I wouldn’t be worried about it.

That’s the one, thanks.

Sorry, neither of those. MC is kind of like a well trained private military/mercenary type just like in Hadea but at some point, he/she gets AI implanted in their brain. It’s a very sci-fi action heavy IF.

I’m sorry for the late reply but yes, that’s the one!
Thank u so much​:heart_hands::heart_hands:

Looking for the game where your doting older brother becomes a knight to the queen and you are both sent to the castle to live with the royal family. Your mother is abusive particularly to you. And the queens child (an RO) is incredibly depressed and snappy at first due to their fathers death that the queen is pretty blase about.

  • one of the RO’s is an old friend also at the castle you had a falling out with. another is a young girl who comes to the castle to apprentice under your brother with a secret letter you can read. another is a pair of siblings from a rival kingdom(?) and much later there’s a guy at the pub.
  • the queen sends you on deadly quest for some artifact that all the RO’s join you on that your brother is low-key pissed about because he doesn’t want you to die and the queen’s kind of nasty if i remember correctly.
  • there’s a pub scene, a weird dad trying to sell his daughter to the prince and some kind of attack at the end?


Sounds like Fallen Lights to me. It’s actually getting a Patreon update right now

Most of what you have described is kind of the plot at this moment

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It is! Thank you very much. I remember the name Florian in particular since I now use it a lot for my fancy male MC’s lol.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Florian is the prince RO and you’re welcome. Enjoy!

I don’t remember a lot of things but its a game when you go to another world and you have companions like a bunny girl with huge boobs an overly mascular guy a girl friend that becomes a man and the first 2 are like spirit’s and you burn a man house early on if someone knows please answer thank you

Hasn’t had a comment in a little bit on the thread, but you are talking about Femboy Dating Simulator.

You are an absolute god thank you very much

(I don’t remember much so it will probably be a bit confusing but) I played a game some time ago where the MC was a demon (or a half-demon) and the ROs were their guards/had to protect them. I remember the MC didn’t get along with their brother and their father was either dead or very ill. The MC didn’t seem to be good at fighting too and there was a part where they were training.

Another random thing I remember is that one of the ROs had some sort of magical knife (?) that they were planning to use against the MC if needed, but they ended up giving it to the MC to defend themselves because there were some problems in the castle they were in. There was also a flashback from when MC was a child showing them meeting one of the ROs.

I think it’s

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It is, thank you!

Howdy howdy!

I’m looking for what I believe is a Twine Game based around a MC that emerges in some sort of lab that’s either in space or high atmo that begins to crash before they stumble across a scene of carnage and a superhero rips through the ceiling/wall to surprise them.

I know it’s a Tumblr page, lots of red and black coloring and several tabs. I know that the ROs are pretty varied, but I can’t remember the names of any of them, though I know they’re all “mostly” on the heroes side.

If anyone can remember, I’d love to put it on my list of amazing WiPs to keep an eye on!