Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Yes that the one, thanks rinari :slight_smile:

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So I read this wip like months ago and I just can’t get myself to remember it’s name nor can I find it at all.
It started with me awaking in a lab and fighting the guards or something with my powers but I don’t remember how exactly, they killed me and I was in some sort of box to store my body in and woke up and there was this soldier guard guy in the room with me being terrified that I woke up when they thought I had been dead, a non binary/genderfluid character appeared and they could morph themselves into glas or something being able to dodge attacks that way and they killed everyone else on the plane/helicopter (can’t remember) and then a group of superheroes/vigilantes with powers appeared and I went with them. There was also a quiet girl in that group and the leader had some sort of electricity superpowers. There was also this wild cat woman with that dude that had a mask on. I got to go shopping later and that same non binary glas person appeared in women’s clothing (they also had long hair as far as I remember) and they wanted me to go with them, there was this muscle army woman in a big car or something too that was working with them and they said something about being able to tell me about my past.
I’d be really happy if one of you knew what wip I’m talking about.


I believe the WiP you are describing is the following:

It is one of my favorites as well.

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Woah! Thank you so much! I couldn’t have found it without this thread. You guys are truly awesome, it was so fast.


I literally made an account to try and find this game lol.
I dont know if it was a WIP game ? It mightve been. I remember the MC being from a town, but something traumatic happened and they suppressed that memory. Something attacked you and your village and you tried to stop it but you couldnt cause your magic wouldnt work. They go to a city being a body guard for this lady and you go to her wedding. Creatures/demons ?? Attack her and afterwards you get hired by these people who are defending the city against these creatures/demons. (Hopefully im not mixing my memories of two different games together !)
I hope im not a bother ! I need help

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sounds like Shepherds of Haven! :]


Thats it ! Thank you so much !

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Hey! Hope anyone can make enough sense of my rambling to know what I’m talking about.

This one was set in a high or low fantasy setting. The MC’s people were obviously inspired by real-world vikings. The MC’s clan or tribe had just sacked this city and the MC is given decisions like what will happen to the people left behind and how they want to treat them. The MCs mother is the leader of the tribe and the MC is being trained into stepping into that role themselves when she can no longer do it. That’s all I really remember.

sounds a lot like Diaspora!


Yes! That’s it, thank you!

There was a wip where you play as an archangel and then you’re sent to earth to watch over Lucifer’s son or someone. Does anyone know the name?

I believe you’re thinking of SoS: The Mortal Coil

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Thanks :smile::smile:

Hey, I just remembered another game that I completely forgot the name of ! Its a game about an MC who works as this demon hunter of sorts ? I remember they have to deal with possessed/haunted items too. theyre called up to their boss’ office and theres a possessed item in a box, but they end up accidently messing things up and then they have no idea where the item in the box is. As a last minute decision they just take a bunch of items they suspect could be possessed. One of them being a bracelet (if I remember correctly) and they end up accidentally binding a demon to themselves lol now they have to learn to live and deal with each other. I remember some other things about the game too ! But hopefully thats enough to go by !

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Could that be Bad Ritual?


Hi sorry I don’t have a lot of information on the game. The only thing that I remember is about the three kingdoms

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I remember a medieval-fantasy game where you had turns and were playing against A.I. I played it in my friends house long ago but i had to go soon so i dont remember much. I know we had castles and were using it to recruit more and better units as game progresses. What could it be?

Yes !! Thank you so much !

Though i’m not exactly needing help to find a game, Im wondering how would I go about identifying/threading my game, It’s not even made yet but I already have a couple ideas about its content, needless to say its an adult game.

Forgot to mention its because i’m new, so I don’t know how to go about stating what my game is on the site…Once its made that is.