Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Yes ! Thank you

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Hi there! I’m trying to find a WIP progress I read awhile ago. I think it takes place on a large space vessel. You have an older adoptive brother who isn’t human and who I think is the captain of the ship. One of the ROs is your childhood friend I think, and he’s very popular, although your brother hates him.
There’s a flashback scene at some point of when your childhood friend met your family for the first time. I hope that’s enough information. Thank you!

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In Stasis And In Space. It’s now a VN on itch.io.

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Wow, that was fast! Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.

Okay I remember a WIP where I played as a hero who has an evil sister who tries to destroy the world and we have to kill the high priestess in order to save it. Can someone help me?

A mage reborn I think

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MC gets burned alive and gets resurrected by opposition team.

If so, what @eeny_meeny_miny_moe said. A Mage Reborn [AMR]

Can someone please answer my post?

Hello, I’m looking for an old wip on here and wondering if anyone remembered it?

The MC has a little brother and they go to this old antique store. They meet the weird owner and MC finds a necklace with a stone on it. Later MC has a dream where they meet their godly guardian of sorts.

The player could choose Horus, Raphael, Hemera, Mercury, Amaseratsu or a Chinese god/dess whose name I don’t remember but it started with a G. The author also had a tumblr.
Thanks guys.

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Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods?


That’s it! Thank you so much!

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I remembered there was a WIP where you play as a fish (salmon) who is turned into a human by an apprentice witch and you need to collect the ingredients to turn back into a salmon, anyone know what that was and if its abandoned? It had some Studio Ghibli vibes to it

Fish Out Of Water, I think? I just did a quick google search since it’s such a unique concept


I think no one knows what that game is, maybe? Doesn’t ring a bell to me too. Sorry :confused:


There was this one WIP where you play as a magician that is living at a village, avoiding a rebellion. In the playthrough there was an encounter with a shark, and the mentions of a seagull companion. Does this ring a bell for anyone? An exciting premise.

I might have played that game, some of the descriptions do ring some bells, but I don’t remember the name either, there’s so many monster academy wips here :sweat_smile: it’s all sounds so familiar but the name eludes me, is the vampire very pale?

Yes that’s it thank you

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I don’t remember, but I think so?

I also remember you could choose a supernatural weapon. I think your three evil triplet cousins had a doll that gave them telepathy or something.

Lol same here :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: I’ve been searching all my IF bookmarks and open tabs for this…