Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

That is exactly what i was looking for , thank you for such a quick response!

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No problem!

Does anyone remember that game where you were a vampire or something and its the zombie apocalypse and there was a concert bus full of humans you could save?

That’s APEX PREDATORS by @rinari

Hey umm what’s that WIP, where you play as a newly graduated doctor and when you arrive at the hospital there’s a protester said his mother died because the doctor?

Hm… Citadel maybe?

Ah yes that the one I’m searching for… thanks :blush:

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I do not remember if this WiP was a CoG game or from itchio but the start of this WiP begins with the MC is walking with their child (can be yours or adopted when they were an orphan) and they ended up rescuing a strange man from drowning in a swamp and bring the man back to this shared house with several ROs. The man ends up being some kind of creature that has a fixation on the MC.

It has really cute moments with the MCs child and with the ROs and it hurts that my pea brain forgot the name of it. :sob::sob:

If anyone knows this WiP I’d really appreciate the help in getting the title. :pleading_face::black_heart:


Myrk Mire. It’s great WIP.


Thank you so much!!! :heartbeat:

It is a fantastic WiP and I remember replaying the demo for each RO route one after the other because they were all chef’s kiss 🤌 and they all acted so sweet with the MCs kid :pleading_face:


Lord, I was gonna ask the same. Thank you

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It’s been years, so please bear with me and what little information I remember :confused:. The game that I played was over two years ago, and I don’t know if it’s still in progress. But, what I do remember is that you play this really kickass vampire character who, I think, was one of the few pure bloods. In one of the scenes you get to jump off a certain height before kicking the other vampire’s ass. And there was also a scene that had something to do with a bus. You either carried it or broke its door, and that’s how you meet one of the LIs.

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I played this game where you can play as a basilisk, hellhound, or this doll like creature. You start out on a train and you keep having weird flashbacks to a time at this place where as far as I can tell they experimented or tortured you. You have a human partner and their are harpies and a unicorn on your team also. Can anyone help me out?

Gonna quote myself here!


(Deleted) (I Have found the game I wanted to find) (Sorry for the inconvenience)

Anyone know what happened to the dragon racer saga?

So…it was a game you played as a journalist? and you interviewed a military man at the docks i think, and the worlds greatest villain appeared, you could hide or creep closer to the devastation. The villain killed? everyone but kept you alive… for some reason…

Does anyone know?

Here’s a link to the thread about it. The series was cancelled.

Was it (WIP) Age of Heroes: Resurgence (Update: 7/3/2021) (Current Demo: 26k words)?

Yes! that´s it. Thank you!