Heroes Rise: Herofall -- Beta Testers needed


Send me an email to request access (do not write to Zachary!).

Send your feedback to heroesrise AT gmail, and CC me on it.

It’s important to CC me on the feedback; I’ve been keeping a log of who provides feedback and who doesn’t.


Sorry to post on here but can I get your email address then?


@jasonstevanhill, I know this is a stupid question but, for those whose who will beta test this game as well as played the first two games, will they be given the chance to play their saved progress in this heroes rise: herofall


I want to join the beta testing so would u please send me your email please? I would really enjoy it!


http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/700/new-to-the-choice-of-games-forums-read-this-first-seriously#Item_2. @Starwarsmaster


Sent the e-mail! :slight_smile:


Sent :smiley:


How are you guys doing this I have never beta tested before and now I really want to…


Read the link I posted


I know I did but for some reason the email doesn’t seem to be working it could be the way I’m typing it… Is that really the right link?


Yea it is…what email are you sending it to?


The heroesrise@gmail.com and I’m cc his name could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Yea he said only do that for the feedback to beta you have to email jason


Well could some one please send me the email to him I would really appreciate it. I’m trying not to be pushy. I just really want to join the testing.


jason AT choiceofgames DOT com


Shrug ok thanks I guess I just really love this series it’s in my top five reading list for my phone!


Now I sent the email hopefully I will get in lol was I supposed to put Jason or heroes rise in the subject matter?


Beta testing


I’m so glad he put up testing for it which one are your guys favorite among the two?


Has anyone gotten an email yet?