Heroes Rise: Herofall -- Beta Testers needed


No but it might just be me


@vampierkid222 I haven’t got one either


Same here I haven’t got one yet either


Same not email either.


Then I suppose Jason must be busy right now.


Whoo thought I was the only one.


So non of us have gotten one yet?


I know I haven’t, I was beginning to think they had their quota already or something.


That’s odd


Jason’s probably got a lot of candidates, so he’s choosing the best of the best.


Perhaps he wants all the applicants to receive the e-mail at the same time. And he did say he had to check the list of those who give no feedback first. ^^


What I think he should do is allow those who have never done that before to do it first give them first dibs and then for the next one weed out the good from the bad


He may as well do that, don’t get too excited for now.

I’m sure a lot of people will be invited to help shape the game, it is a big one and they will need plenty of testers.


Dan’s wiring it up so you can reload your HR2 savegame. Hopefully I’ll be able to send out the beta link tonight.


Yea!! Hope I’m on that list I love this series! It’s one of the best!!


Has there been any news?


@starwarsmaster I dont think so?




I wonder if he has completed the list yet?


FYI we need your feedback ASAP. We want to release the game on July 2nd, to coincide with the July 4th weekend. To do that, though, we need to send the game to the copyeditor on Monday. Which means Zachary needs time to read and incorporate your feedback.

If I sent you a link, you can still send feedback after Monday, but the chances of it affecting the game will drop dramatically. Really, we need the feedback in by Wednesday or Thursday.