Help with the relationships chart


Hello everyone! I do hope what I’m about to post here won’t fall into the dark abyss of emptiness. Moving on…
So, I’ve never made made an interactive choice based game, and with choiceofgames, eh…I always have trouble learning, so I’d appreciate some help.
So, after watching tutorial videos over and over, reading the wiki for the 5th time, and then browsing through the forum, I kind of learned some stuff. I’m making a fantasy game, set in the medieval times, so I’ve got most of the stuff set up: Gold, Full name, skills-Strength, Agility, ETC. Even done with letting the player choose their own gender. Now, I’m wondering here, how the heck do I make this relationship chart? You know, similar to the skills section I have, which shows the percentage of each skill. Plus, I want the relationships chart to be separated:
text Name
percent Strength
percent Perception
percent Agility
percent Endurance
percent Magic
percent Willpower
percent Intelligence
percent Leadership
(^ Hope I didn’t mess anything up there, (: )
So, under those skills chart, I want there to be a
Michael Jackson
Mr. Zombie
(^ No, those are NOT the NPCs I will be using…) :slight_smile:
I hope that made sense. So, all in all, how do I get these relations tab/chart set up? I want it to be on the same page as the skills chart. So, any help?
I also apologize for any grammar errors I might have. With this pace, you’ll see me a LOT asking for help in the forums, but, I do hope I’ll learn over time.
Thanks for reading.


After making relationship variables in start-up such as:
*create robocop_relationship

you go over to the stats page and create a stats-chart like the following:

*stat_chart percentage robocop_relationship relationship

the "percentage tells CS the type of chart you want, the variable displays the value and the last word names the chart-bar.

Edit: Welcome to the community and Just in case the following link has more resources including hands-on tutorials that can help
Link for beginners


Thanks, a lot, I mean it. :smiley:
While I didn’t do EXACTLY what you suggested to do, I understood what I had to do in theory. So, I kind of changed it up, but I got the same result. I think dealing with the rest will be easier. Again, thanks a lot!