Help with stats that doesn't go up and down

Hello ! I did what people explained me with stats, and tried to follow the wiki (even if I don’t understand a thing on the wiki) and I don’t get any error messages. It’s just, when I have choices, it doesn’t change in the stats menu… Is there anything I’ve done wrong or didn’t done ?


Maybe is it because of the fake_choice ?

When you use opposed pairs there’s actually only one variable, the other is just cosmetic and appears on the color bar, but it doesn’t exist as a variable.

So if you have Finesse / Brutality, you only add or subtract to Finesse. Brutality goes up or down depending on Finesse, but you don’t change Brutality up, you change Finesse down and thus Brutality goes up as a consequence.


Alright ! I will test that thanks ! If I come back that’s mean I’m doing it wrong x) or that it was not only that XD

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