Help with inventory bug


I don’t why an item (stick) is not showing up in the inventory. I don’t know which part of the code is wrong because there is no error message. Here is a link to the game : . Can someone tell me how to fix this?


Is there a reason you’ve put this in the lounge, and spoiler tagged your game link?

You don’t have your inventory code anywhere that it’ll actually change when you check your inventory. You’ll either want to put it on your stats screen (I think the stats screen can now set stats), or have something adding it to the inventory after you pick up the stick.


I put the post here because I didn’t finish the game yet. The big is fixed;all of the inventory code was in the startup file. I moved the inventory code to the choice in the scene and it worked.


Okay, I’ve moved it into the proper category. The lounge isn’t for asking for coding help.