Help raising my leader score Grand Academy for Future Villians

In the book “Grand Academy for Future Villians” ive been trying to raise my score but it stays at 60 as a follower, any help would be appreciated.

I’ve also been struggling with raising my leader score :frowning: how did you get yours to 60? I’ve only managed to raise it to like 50 before it drops again,

Well for one i remember trying to go to the front ofnthe line that way i didnt lose the points at the begining and i figured that i had to do my own thing, so when the next part where you pick between focusing on grades, popularity, your moms wishes, etc… I picked working in my grades and in the class where there was gonna be teams of 2 but on of three, I volunteered to be the leader of the group of three and i think that rises it up good