Help: ''Invalid expression, couldn't extract another token: ''

Hello everyone, sorry for bothering but i can’t seem to find a fix for this, even though i found other threads here with a similar error.
I’m having trouble with the name’s customization coding.
The error i’m getting is: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: ‘‘Marius’’.
As you can see below, i’ve put three options to name the MC, though, ‘‘Marius’’ and ‘‘Plutonio’’ options don’t work, everytime i choose one of those, i get the same ‘‘Invalid expression etc’’ message. This doesn’t happen with the ‘‘Input_Text’’ as everything works smoothly, and i can’t understand why. Ive looked through the forum’s threads and i’ve tried several things but nothing seems to work, so, im sorry to bother, but im forced to seek help from you as im a newbie with coding, sorry again

My code looks like this:

*author Pietro
*create pcname ""

and he said

[i] What is your name?![/i]

		*set pcname ''Marius''
		*set pcname ''Plutonio''
	#Actually, my name is...
		*input_text pcname

Your name is… $!{pcname} 

Those aren’t quotes. You should use " " these ones.


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