Help, I messed up my tester game(Fixed)

So, I have all the choices, all the goto’s and yadda yadda,…But I did it all in startup and apparently I need to do scenes? I am not quite sure I understand what that means despite reading articles/tips on it.

It’s a really simple one about making beer, I did it for my dad as practice.
It’s 1057 words, and all I want to do it post it on dashingdon so I can do a test run on it and share the link with my dad…Any tips?

There’s no need to make separate scenes. It’s just that when you have more words, it starts getting harder to keep track of everything. You also want chapters when the project is big.

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Post your game on dashingdon and let us know if it doesn’t run or has errors. :slight_smile: You can definitely keep everything in startup if the content is not too long/complex. In general you can have as many or as few scene files as you want. At the other extreme, you can see that the example code on the CoG site has one scene file containing one choice, which then moves on to the next scene file.


Okay, that’s what I originally thought it was used for…I might’ve gotten confused somewhere along the line about that then trying to upload it. Either way, is there any suggestions you can give? It says error 404

Yeah, sorry I realized I might’ve not made that clear. It’s not working when I post it there, it just doesn’t wanna work at all

When does it 404? After you upload?

Yes, I will upload it, says its fine and when I hit the playtest game is when it messes up.

Ok. Let us know the link when you finish uploading the files. :slight_smile:

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Did you upload the stat page file, as well as the startup?

I did indeed. With and without just in case that’s what was messing with it.

question: you don’t mean that your entire story is in the startup.txt file, do you?

Well besides the stats, but yeah. The whole story. Its pretty dang short.

You’ll still need to add the startup, ending and stat page to your scene list for it to work.


Otherwise have you run the auto testers? Never try to upload a game without running both of them as they’ll tell you where the game is broken. COG has a good basic walkthrough of how to set up a game on their main site.

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You don’t need the choicescript_stats in the scenelist I think?


shrugs I thought it was needed, but at worst it doesn’t hurt. I’ve always put it in there and it never breaks anything. I would have assumed they’d need to be on the scene list to be run through the testers but I could be wrong.

I am using choicescript IDE and everytime I do a testing on there it does fine. Its only an error when I try to run a test and upload it onto dashingdon

mhnnn… if it’s all in one file, could you see if you can post it here under a readmore?

click the little cogwheel and ‘hide details’, then use three ` above and below the code for format it?

Yeah here is is. I have tried saving it as different type of files, changing up some of my code, I can’t figure why it won’t upload


*title Making beer; Round 2!
*author Your kid


*create name “Dad”
*create Money 10000
*create Drunk 70
*create Sober 30

Alright! Let’s go again for round 2, I got a little better, so let’s see how much better! Which I think is a lot better by the way, very proud of myself for learning so much in like a day.

So, let’s see, what to start the beer with
#A local distillery
Smart Move!
*goto starters_maybe
#A bathtub
Uhhh….if you are sure! Whatever floats your boat, or I guess tub in this instance
*goto bath_tub
#A video game?
Oh! Did you mean to choose Local Distillery? Silly you, don’t worry I fixed it for you in the script
*goto starters_maybe
*label starters_maybe
Now, what will be the main focus in your starter?
Ipa, yeah?
*goto ipa_maker
#Roasted Malt
ooh, dark beer. You typically can’t go wrong with those
*goto roasted_m
#Malted Barley
Nice taste, nice taste.
*goto hehe_whiskey

*label ipa_maker
What other things for the starter will we need though?
I am gonna be honest, didn’t even think about the fact that you would need water to make beer…never crossed my mind for some reason.
*goto ipa_two
#English Malt
My my, all these are sounding good for you beer.
*goto ipa_two
I mean, I am pretty sure all beers have yeast, but lets single this ingredient out specifically for the IPA and pretend we didn’t forget about this fact until your wonderful kid scripted more then what they wanted to realize this mistake!! yay dad!
*goto ipa_two
#All of the above
I swear if you picked this one and did not listen to my delightful remarks on all the ingredients individually, I wouldn’t blame you one bit, but you just made it shorter for yourself so ha. Your beer turned out fine, you drank it with everyone they all loved it and loved you and you became famous for making beer!

*label ipa_two
Lets be honest though you are gonna need all those ingredients though, right? So lets skip you selecting them all individually and ask what order you put them in
#Water, Hops, English Malt, Yeast
Does the order you put it in matter? It does, you fail.
#Water, Yeast, Hops, English Malt
Yes, this is it. Congrats pops. Lets see what’s next
*goto ipa_finish
#Water, Hops, Yeast, English Malt
Ya, I really don’t know how you put them together but I thought this would be fun, hopefully slightly annoying. So its this and another choice! Love you!!
*goto ipa_finish
#It doesn’t matter, throw it all together
Ah, sorry dad. You threw all your ingredients on the floor together and everyone got upset with you and decided you wouldn’t be in charge of making the beer anymore. Try again, lol chump

*label ipa_finish
Well, its been 3 weeks, and you are excited to go and try your beer. You get there to bottle it, come home happy as can be! Everyone comes over for dinner to try one of your creations! How will it be you wonder?

It’s a huge success! You and everyone love it, you and Kaleb more so then anyone else and you drink it all in one night, and since you have so much money the very next morning(more like afternoon lol) you go and do it again, hopefully making the recipe even better! In another 3 weeks you’ll be able to try it again till you get it just right! Congrats dad

*label roasted_m
So with Roasted Malt in hand you go and decide what else you want.
Ah, yes. The ‘Noble’ hop.
*goto roasted_m2
oh only of course, wouldn’t make sense if there wasn’t any of this.
*goto roasted_m2
#Pale Chocolate Malt
wow! sounds yummy
*goto roasted_m2

*label roasted_m2
Ok, hey you picked one of them, but we all know you need all those options, plus some barley so lets say you picked em all.
Sound good? Goooood.
#Put them together with care and love
Awe, it’ll probably taste even better now. Such love
*goto roasted_finish
#Be happy you have all of them finally and put them together quickly so you can have beer sooner
Well, I don’t blame you for wanting to enjoy it sooner rather then later. So off we go
*goto roasted_m3
#ok im bored take me to the winning screen
Oh party pooper.
Yay you win by being a party pooper! Everyone still liked your beer though and enjoyed your company very much.

*label roasted_m3
With you throwing everything together, it makes a pretty decent Dark Lager. Something isn’t quite right though, hmmmmmmmmm? Wonder if you could’ve done anything different.

*label roasted_finish
When you come home with you lager, one to call your own. You are excited to try it, you open one with Kaleb right away and it is probably the best damn lager you have ever had! You pat yourself on the back for a job well done, all the love and care really shows! Congrats dad, you became the best beer maker ever!

*label hehe_whiskey
With a malted barley you should be able to make a good ‘beer’! I am excited to see how this will turn out!
With having your Malted Barley you go on to choose some more, which ones will it be?
Ginger beer, aye? Not to shabby
#Corn,Malt Slurry,Wheat Slurry
Oh wow, kinda bitter maybe? Lets find out
*goto whiskey_2

*label whiskey_1
Well well, you’ve added all your ingredients with care, you sit back and relax knowing you’ll have a hopefully nice beer with ginger. You fall asleep for the night.
It’s now been 3 weeks, you make your coffee getting ready for work, smoking and grumbling away. Weren’t you supposed to do something today?
Its now been 2 years. You get up for the day, it’s your day off mind you. You drink that first cup of coffee and you realize. You never made beer! It was whiskey all along, haha. After a couple more cups of coffee you go and pick it up. You try it and though ginger wasn’t the best option it sure made a damn good whiskey nonetheless.

*label whiskey_2
You put all your ingredients together, happy for what will come in 3 weeks. Leaving the distillery you get on with your merry life.
Its been 3 years, you overslept.
You go to the distillery and start bottling your whiskey. Yup, not beer.

*label bath_tub
Uh, I really wasn’t expecting you to pick this, so I am sorry to say but your beer did not make it………due to you trying to make it in a bathtub. You did try a sip though, but realized you forgot to clean out the tub before you used it and vomited right into everything.
Maybe try again?……not in a bathtub?

oh my god, I just saw it. I didnt do *ending and it works now. Thank you all for your help.

I just want to say that you don’t need the ending in there either, just use an *ending command at the end of your story.

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