Help for New Author

I am a new author with commitment issues and no clue where to start, any tips would be helpful.

I have been writing 2nd person stories for a few years now, think Game Mastering tabletop RPG’s, and have always loved doing it. I’ve also written short novels using AI programs, so I’m experienced with writing. However, I have never published any of my works. As of recently, I’ve been itching to write a full on interactive novel, but I have no clue where to start. I understand Hosted games would likely be the place to start, but I wanted to get a few pointers on things like submitting a pitch (if that’s required), the basics of getting ChoiceScript set up, or any other tips that someone with more experience can offer.

Thank you for any help and for your consideration.

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Use this link–it will get you started with lots of information: Links for beginners