Hellkeepers (NEW WIP)


“I have a duty to myself, but more importantly, my family.”

Set in an alternate version of Singapore, you’re a fresh university graduate bumbling through life as you desperately look for a job.

…Or that’s what your mother thinks. In a world where occult ceremonies are as common as an existential crisis, there’s no way you were ever going to be a perfectly average office worker. Just like your twin brother, you work for the International Society Of Exorcists (ISOE) which deals with supernatural occurrences, demonic rituals, and the like.

When a tragic event befalls your older sister, it uproots your entire life and everything you ever knew about the supernatural. With it, comes a forced need to come to terms with a family history straight out of the movies.

After all, how the hell did it take twenty years to find out that you’re descended from the freaking king of the underworld?

Inspired by media like Supernatural, Fullmetal Alchemist, Noragami, and the Percy Jackson series, Hellkeepers is a +18 urban fantasy interactive fiction, that heavily uses elements of Chinese and Southeast-Asian mythology. In every playthrough, you will…

  • Play as a female, male, or non-binary Chinese deity.
  • Determine the relationships between you and your family members. After all, they will play a big part in your story…
  • Peel apart the full truth behind you and your siblings’ birthright. Your parents can’t hide it forever.
  • Learn more about Chinese and Southeast Asian mythology as you warp into different dimensions, unlike anything you’ve seen before as an exorcist.
  • Romance 5 characters (one gender-selectable): the ex(orcist) whose heart you broke, the childhood friend you haven’t seen in almost a decade, your playful A-ranked colleague in the ISOE, an elusive supernatural halfling…or your stern guide in the underworld.

(yes it is short bare with me ;-;

Romantic Options:

[All RO’s are of asian descent]

Lin Shan/Shaowei (M/F)

Age: 24

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Working for another agency, Shan/Shao is an exorcist who got roped into the job because of their parents. They are the biggest reminder of what you once had. Your fledgling love with them died out when you made the decision of leaving them, and it’s been a year since.

Now that the truth about your family is out, you hold the key to fixing both of your families hatred for each other…if you want to.

“It’s worth it if it’s them.”

Notes: The only gender-selectable RO because they’re your ex.

Route: Second chance Romance, Exes to lovers, Angst

Nishimura Kazuo (M)

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Japanese

With a penchant for mischief and a charm that woos even the most stubborn of grandmas, Kazu is the wildcard of your organization. You think he’s an anarchist, and the only reason he’s tied down to the ISOE is so that he has an excuse for whatever havoc he wreaks on the supernatural.

The A-ranked exorcist is your colleague and your brother’s mentor, though you rarely ever see him in his office. But if you ever need him for demon fighting, he’ll be there. Most of the time.

“Mind taking that pesky thing out for me while I take a quick nap?”

Notes: He’s an amputee and has a prosthetic leg. He’s also MC’s senior (not superior!) at work.

Route: Friends to lovers, Hurt/comfort, Angst

Reyna Aliyah Santos (F)

Age: 23

Ethnicity: Mixed (Filipino-Chinese)

You’ve never quite met someone like Reyna. A halfling with a demon mother and a human father. Being raised in Singapore all her life with little knowledge of her parents, it’s natural that Reyna would come to the ISOE for help at the mere instance of a fox tail and white fur.

You’ve been tasked to help her mask and get comfortable with her supernatural powers, but she won’t make it easy for you. After all, foxes do bite.

“Technically, I’m not stealing anything if they don’t notice.”

Notes: A hybrid born to a hulijing and a human.

Route: Friends to lovers

Quentin Khanh (Qwen) (M)

Age: 23

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Quentin, more affectionately known as Qwen, was your childhood best friend. Up until his family moved overseas and you never saw him again.

Now that you’ve reunited as adults, you can tell he’s changed. Selectively mute, he still manages to showcase an incredible amount of snark and humor through his actions and something else only the two of you have.

“If your bribe doesn’t involve a penthouse worth of money, don’t talk to me.”

Notes: Qwen is selectively mute, and uses both Singapore Sign Language and British Sign Language.

Route: Childhood friends to lovers, best friend to lovers

Song Huayun (F)

Age: ???

Ethnicity: “Uhh…from Hell?” Chinese

| You don’t know too much about Huayun, except for the fact that she lives in Diyu, the Chinese Underworld. As Diyu’s gatekeeper, Huayun has seen countless depravities committed by humans before their deaths. That alone has made it hard for her to like them, and the contempt she shows you is no different than what she shows everyone else.

But with time, maybe she’ll finally learn what it is like to feel human…and what a smile is.

“If it isn’t the star of tonight’s show. Welcome to Diyu.”

Notes: Oldest and hardest RO to romance. Have fun.
Route: Angst, bickering to lovers

Tumblr developmental blog: Hellkeepers - Interactive Fiction on Tumblr


25/12/2022 - 1k+ prologue (scrapped)

09/01/2024 - Scrapped old prologue, updated a new prologue involving an RO. Currently redoing Chapter 1.

As this is my first attempt at interactive fiction, my ‘technology boomer in the body of a young adult’ will appreciate any feedback and reports about errors (on tumblr). Thank you!


Seems really interesting, how did you get your inspiration for this?

Like was it just those books or was it other things too?

Hi, thanks for asking! I have always been quite obsessed with mythology since I was a child. That led me down the rabbit hole of researching and consuming media containing mythology.

I grew up watching the two anime shows I listed + reading percy jackson because it really captured the aspect of familial bonds and sense of adventure for me. I put them up for others to feel the vibes of what the story will be like: supernatural-fighting siblings, fantasy alchemy etc.

Also, I’m Chinese and Southeast-Asian. While we have Chinese stories like Path Of Martial arts, great wip, it’s not everyday you get a story with modern-ish chinese fantasy.


Falls to my knees and begins weeping tears of joy at an IF not only being contemporary Asian fantasy going beyond using the setting as an aesthetic, but also having SEasian characters.

Also you have a bangin WIP title.


Had to take one for the team :star_struck: thank you!

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I like what u have so far, but, i gotta say its a mean cliffhanger haha xD

not much to go off of just yet, but this seems pretty cool. eyeing the noragami inspo, that show was my childhood


Sounds awesome going to play it

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Are there other gods in this world? For example, in Greece and the surrounding area, Greek gods, in Scandinavia, Viking gods etc.

It’s established that there are other gods belonging to different mythology and culture. Some are simply in folklore and others exist amongst humans. Cerberus is indeed a real creature, but he doesn’t live in this version of Hell.

Hellkeepers mostly focuses on east asian and southeast asian folklore. Thus there will be the presence of figures from japanese myth (izanagi, amaterasu etc), korean, Malaysian guardian spirits etc. But not too much that it drags away from the main point of the story.

Tldr: There are other God’s, but most of the time they stay in their own region, and you don’t really see them. For those that do appear, they’re asian gods.

Thanks for asking!


Really interested in seeing more. I love all the media you mentioned and I’m a big mythology fan and love WIPs pertaining to them. I don’t know much about Asian mythology and I’m really looking forward to learning more as the book develops.


I look forward to seeing more to come of the story!

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What kind of person is MC’s twin brother? Is their relationship set or can we choose how they get along?

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(!!viet reader here) so so happy to see south/east asian characters. Looking forward!!

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I can not wait to read chapter 1. :slight_smile:

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Okay so I saw your wip back in dashingdon, I have been meaning to read it but I have not. From the premise so far it is also giving me Trese vibes!!! I absolutely adore stories of this genre!!!

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You will get to decide your prior relationship with your siblings and your interactions with them.


“A small stature, no taller than a young boy”

“stature” is a measurement of size. You wouldn’t say “a small stature” any more than you would say “a small tall” or “a small short” :slight_smile:

Maybe you mean “a small figure” ?


Small stature is actually fine. Stature is synonymous with height, although it is typically phrased, “small in stature” or “large in stature.” Either way, it’s a bit archaic and would be more relatable to just use “short, no taller than a young boy.”