Heirs (WIP)

You are the bastard of King Javid of the wealthy and powerful kingdom of Dagwar with a very ambitious mother who plans to put you on the throne to elevate her status after his death.

With this goal in mind, she sends you to court. Will you be her pawn and do as she asks? Will you take the throne for you own ambitions or will you carve out a different path entirely?

Immerse yourself into court politics, intrigue, plots and affairs. Scheme to take the throne or don’t but most importantly, survive.


  • Summon demons, create love potions, raise the dead and impersonate the living! If you can use it, magic will be a powerful tool. Just make sure you cover your tracks; the court mages are powerful and suspicious.

  • Gather spies and collect secrets from all corners of the palace and even beyond. Pick the right ones and your information will be bountiful. Pick the wrong ones and your schemes might be exposed.

  • Be as just and pure as you’d like or as Machiavellian and cunning as you desire or strike a healthy balance between the two. Whichever you pick, remember, your reputation will precede you.

  • Ascend the throne peacefully through diplomacy or after bloodshed.

Romance members of the court, have affairs, one night stands or even get married to increase your power, influence and reputation. Be mindful that your lovers can get pregnant and so can you. (If female MC)

  • Farrow (Male)
    A recently pardoned pirate, now privateer and the Queen’s lover. Is your romance with him just to get under her skin? Or could there be something more between you?

  • Cisi (Female)
    She is the priestess in training of the royal house and a shy, demure individual. She’s committed to her faith and generally wary of romantic gestures. Will you be able to pull her out of her shell?

  • Hagia (Female)
    She’s the perfect noble lady, bred and destined for marriage, children and managing a country estate. But her ambitions lie further than that, she wants to be queen and has her eyes on marriage to your brother.

  • Hayro (Male)
    Handsome, powerful and wealthy. The Lord commander of the Royal Navy seems to have it all except for happiness that is. What is it that this brooding mountain of a man wants? And can you give it to him?

  • Nevida (Female)
    Princess Nevida is royalty on a diplomatic visit. The princess is clever, witty, cunning and more importantly has armies that can back your claim to the throne. Of course that’s not the only reason to befriend her, right?

  • Arina Asan (Female)
    A shape shifting witch that gathers information for the queen. She’s closed off and quite frankly, an unpleasant person with few friends and many enemies. It’s advisable to be nice to any black cats you see stalking the halls. That might be her or her familiar and she’s fond of hexing those who offend her.

  • Cyrus (Male)
    An assassin from the eastern isles. You know this because he was sent to kill you but changed his mind for some reason. Will you ever find out why? Or will you end up on the wrong side of his blade?

  • Nyfilem (Male)
    They say not to make deals with the devil but how can you resist the charm of this particular demon and his promise to give you the throne?



Hey there,

Best of luck as you begin this project. It seems like an interesting concept, one which will make good for an interactive novel.

With what you seem to be going for, can I suggest the Lost Heir Triology, or other works by @Lucid, who I think personally excels in writing books along the lines of what you’re hoping to begin.

Looking forwards to seeing what you write :slight_smile:


It sounds really cool, especially since I love games related to the courts, royals and nobility. There are many ROs and they all seem interesting.

I even started to imagine what my MC would be…
Mum’s great disappointment, lol

Anyway, good luck with the project <3


This is an absolutely wonderful concept, and I am beyond excited at the prospect of experiencing its story unfold! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My mind is buzzing and my heart is racing at the very thought of all that has been listed here! I just had to express my immense admiration for this concept thus far and send my best wishes in your creative endeavor! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please, take all the time and liberty you need to see this through while also tending to your own well-being as you undertake something as ambitious as this!! :grinning:


Hi! Seems like an interesting game, however I hate to break it to you but this thread will probably have to be closed. That is because moderators usually temporarily close the game threads that do not contain a link to the game. Just wanted to give you a little heads up about it and wish you good luck. I’m looking forward to seeing how your game goes.


Alternatively, it could be moved to the Interest Check thread, at least until the demo is available.

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Big ups gamer this concept sounds mad good.

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Is the similarity to Dagmar from Disenchanted intentional or a coincidence?

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I haven’t heard of this Dagmar from Disenchanted before, is it just the name you think is similar? Or the plot? Because stories about illegitimate children of kings and ambitious mothers wanting to elevate themselves have happened before in fantasy and medieval stories, so, I’m assuming it’s a coincidence. It’s like saying a story’s similar to Game of Thrones because there’s characters aspiring to be king or queen in it.


It’s a coincidence. I’ve heard about the show in passing but never watched it.

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Great story this far! Cant wait to see where it goes! :revolving_hearts:

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How old is MC? If they are no longer a child, they should be able to make their own decisions about their future and possibly refuse to live at court? :thinking:


Depends on how they were raised. Its possible the MC is so used to listening to their mothers orders and following her dreams its all they know.


Mc is about 20. You will be given the option to choose how you feel about her decisions but ultimately you’ll end up with Lord Hoblyn in the capital.

Absolutely! The effects of your mother basically grooming you for the throne will be explored as well as your relationship with her.


Well that was an exciting start! I enjoy how you write dialogue, very well paced! I’ll be looking forward to seeing where this project goes :3

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Off to an interesting start, I’d say! Really looking forward to more ^^
There were some grammar issues- Would you like me to post them on this thread or privately?

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I don’t mind if you post them here!

It’s short but I really love the plot you have in mind so much. There had been a few similar ideas before with the evil greedy mother wanting the throne but sadly the authors never got to finish it. So, I hope this one will sail well. Super excited for your next update!!


Ya a very interesting concept and I can’t wait to see more and learn more about your siblings. Seems the likely heir is less than ideal? Should be interesting as you try to take the throne (or not, ya know, do it)


It looks good so far! I’m looking forward to the rest of it

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