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Correct. In the field of romance novels there are two acceptable ends: HEA (happily ever after) and HFN (happily/happy for now), such that you can end with either an assured “found my true love” or “found my love and there’s a little uncertainty about the future.”


I understand perfectly why that rule is set from a commercial perspective, however, personally, I prefer games that contains what can be seen as a negative impact ends or middle game. It enriches the positive endings.

Imagine that a romantic option Will force my character later on move city or something like that. A choice to go fuck yourself and Let me be happy in my town with my career and I will find another one later. For me is far better ending that. You are blocked to this romance path since chapter five, no matter what you will have to stick around with the asshole or start the game again.

Actually, it happened that in another company game. Suddenly, the vampire guy Tried to say Oh you love me Now you are my sex slave put that chains in your neck.

My reaction was Delete DELETE. While swearing-in 3 languages


What game was this? A CoG game? Shoot me a PM if you don’t want to say here. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been on a kick of playing VNs that are ‘romance’ and… well, dark is a good word, though that doesn’t even touch how dark they are, lol.

It is one of these choice clones companies. It was called Moonlight or something like that. It is a virtual free to play so nothing of the quality of Hearts of choice.
The vampire was submissive and shy until the first choice after locking the romance. It is something that happens a lot.

Reason why a choice to say No. To a romance is key. And not being blocked into a romance because you don’t know how romance will end.


Yeah if I was writing romances I would definitely keep their personality consistent - there’s nothing wrong with some secret backgrounds to discover of course but something like that sounds a bit 180 to me.


That is one of the reason, I stopped reading some of this Clones, the other reason was, that even when you had a female character that seemed normal, from the moment their ro showed Up, they suddenly became unsure and blushing Teenager things. And every answer that was not submissive was only rude or extremly aggressiv as If no one could be a normal Person. I am so much happier with the hearts choice Games, where I do not have to Play as a shy Teenage Girl. :sparkling_heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to bring it to this topic, but I’m curious, why don’t you like HC much?


I’ve gotta to ask how do I win the port of nasseu in a pirates pleasure while romancing Nathan? I returned the idol and destroyed the fort but I can never get to fight

  1. Do not return/sell the idol - you must give the idol to Eden when he asks for it and not take it back.
  2. Make sure Eden is stranded on the island - you must give it to him by FAILING the speech check and then you must take it back from him by assaulting his camp, thus taking over his ship and leaving him behind.

This is of course assuming that you chose to save your crew and not Nassau in the early part of the game and that you have your crew support and everything else.

Is heart’s choice not available on the web store? Can’t find the games there. If it isn’t, that’s a shame. I like to poke through the code after a runs and as far as I know you can only do that through the web store.

Heart’s Choice has its own website, and the games are available there. (You can also poke through code on Steam and possibly other platforms too; more information in this thread, just search for “Steam” or other relevant keyword.)


The super-explicit sapphic tale of my deepest fantasies.

…a girl can dream. :heart_eyes:

Is Heart’s Choice still running? I haven’t seen anything about the line in a while; wondering if the upcoming releases from the November 2019 announcement are still upcoming.

Yes. Pandemia is just a thing. Not to mention “writing an interactive novel” is also a thing. :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine how hard can be writing about hanky panky in the situation of Covid… I mean, I would be in the mood to write about anything else than a hanky panky


Totally understandable!

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I love the fact someone else still occasionally calls sex ‘hanky panky’ outside me. :grin:

But I am certain that developers are working hard on new Hearts Choice games for different audiences.


I am sure as well, What I am trying to say is we, the audience, have to be patient with the whole situation. Soon we will have lots of games to play.


It is… really something, can confirm. :c

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Hanky panky is a COOL word. A hilarious one. I like hilarity. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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