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Is heart’s choice not available on the web store? Can’t find the games there. If it isn’t, that’s a shame. I like to poke through the code after a runs and as far as I know you can only do that through the web store.

Heart’s Choice has its own website, and the games are available there. (You can also poke through code on Steam and possibly other platforms too; more information in this thread, just search for “Steam” or other relevant keyword.)


The super-explicit sapphic tale of my deepest fantasies.

…a girl can dream. :heart_eyes:

Is Heart’s Choice still running? I haven’t seen anything about the line in a while; wondering if the upcoming releases from the November 2019 announcement are still upcoming.

Yes. Pandemia is just a thing. Not to mention “writing an interactive novel” is also a thing. :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine how hard can be writing about hanky panky in the situation of Covid… I mean, I would be in the mood to write about anything else than a hanky panky


Totally understandable!

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I love the fact someone else still occasionally calls sex ‘hanky panky’ outside me. :grin:

But I am certain that developers are working hard on new Hearts Choice games for different audiences.


I am sure as well, What I am trying to say is we, the audience, have to be patient with the whole situation. Soon we will have lots of games to play.


It is… really something, can confirm. :c

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Hanky panky is a COOL word. A hilarious one. I like hilarity. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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