Heart of Flames: The Unforeseen Flame (WIP) [Updated 04/25/21]

I’m trying to take a look at the stats, but it’s taking forever to load. Is anyone having the same issue?

It’s really good, although, word of advice, I’d recommend that you make the choice for sexuality clearer. Either that, or, you put brackets next to each choice that says which gender/sex the choice is referring to.


The stats haven’t been implemented yet because I have to do a lot of extra work for them, but I am working on them :slight_smile:.


Oh! Well that makes sense. Thanks :+1: :grin:


…That was fast.


I saw your recommendation and wanted to make it easier for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I hope it helps.


Ugh, that last line was just perf! I couldn’t access the stats page, I guessed maybe you were still working on that but otherwise I am so excited for this WIP! Meeting the ROs were cute, and I was curious as to what Caleb whispered to Ezra to make him blush… :thinking: Anyway, loved every bit of it and looking forward to more, especially bonding with my dragon and meeting the other ROs!


Yes, the stats aren’t done because I still have a lot of work to do with them. (One of them being… I have to go through each choice and implement them, making sure they make sense, and then tallying them up at the end for the dragons. Before going back through and making sure I didn’t miss anything :sweat_smile:.)

Stats will be implemented soon, I hope.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear you liked the demo.


Aaaaahh, why does it end at the best part?! I wanted to know the color of the baby dragon… :sob:
Do we get to choose or is it based on our personality?


It’s based on personality because the lore dragon bond is based on a soul bond. (So who you are as a person is reflected in your dragon.)

For example if you have a more secretive personality you’ll more than likely have a black dragon, because those are the spy dragons at Haven. If you’re more diplomatic than you’re more than likely going to have a purple dragon. Etc…

I hope this helps :sweat_smile:. (If it makes you feel any better each scale color has a canon eye color too. So the eye color will you what scale color it is.)


My dragon’s eyes were blue… no idea what body color that represents. My guess is either red, green, or silver/white. Red makes the most sense as my character can be a bit temperamental in the face of injustice or when her loved ones are in danger (or when stupid people are asking for it). I’m trying to RP a character who is bold and honest but not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed (or quite capable of measuring the consequences of her actions).

Also, I hope we get to tell the bastards who imprisoned us to screw off - in my playthrough I tried to warn the guide about the egg… he didn’t listen. It would have been in his best interest to -at least- investigate the claims. Another dragon would mean another chosen. He didn’t even care, therefore, he is just as responsible for “what happened”. Non-action would have resulted in the death of a dragon.


OMG, this is so cute :heart_eyes: The way you are telling the story is wonderful as well :heart: I enjoyed the demo a lot :blush: Though, I wonder if stats were working?


Oh, no need to reply to my question. It seems you already answered this.

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@Dragongodess DRAGON WIP! point Dragons!

Lol well I got a ‘Silver eyes’ , so dunno what kind of dragon it gonna be.

Probably a cute one… :kissing_heart:

Btw…@Eleana your Tumblr lead to ‘‘Login’’ page . I don’t own any of these social medias, but though I take a look…so unless you need to own one to see anything?


No, tumblr let people view blogs without logging in. Maybe she accidentally sent the wrong link


Maybe this will help for the tumblr situation.

Also here is the list for the scale/dragon eye color:

Gold- Green
Red- Brown
Black- Red
Green- Hazel
Blue- Silver
Purple- Blue
Bronze- Purple
White- Gold

(The second color is the eye color the first is the scale.)


I did, yes :sweat_smile:


People always hate someone or something because what they look like or what skin color they are or what country they came from where the country they were in war with and they’re not from that country but their family the sad truth but sometimes the people they hate save their ass and to get the labeled as Heroes it should be respected will that change Minds yes but not the people who have discriminating hated people for no reason the rest of their lives if they save their lives themselves but I view this is a good story and a good one to view help View people how they act and help if our choices decide the fate of Fae
/ my grammar sucks I know and I will fix it when I get the time/

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Squint Silver eye get me a blue dragon? Ew…man . I wanted a Silver dragon to match :grin:

Silver dragon was awesome in D&D lol weird combinaison there…

But hey, a dragon is a dragon…

@IvoryOwl if you wanna see the most badass Red Dragon, check Dragon Dogma dragon Intro lol


You want a silver Dragon I wanted a purple Dragon match😌