Heart of a Dungeon (WiP): Update 12/09/2023


<<Have you found your reason to fight yet, Buddy?>>






I’m still alive lol. I went ahead in a lot of the work without updating due to some of the code seeming like it was going to be problematic. Didn’t want to come on here and say there’ll be an update just to pull it and fix the issues. Anyway, I can say for certainty there’s a massive update coming in 2 to 4 days as I iron out the last of the issues. (100k+ wordcount update.) On another note, to add replayability to the game, every 3rd chapter will be a random event selected from a list that will comprise of an early-game story, mid-game story, and late-game story. These will also interact with the main story to hopefully create many new ways to play and enjoy the entire game many times over.

On another note, since this game is taking longer than expected, there are two other games now being developed alongside it that are much simpler code-wise but still as deep. The first one is Songs of Silence. It’ll be a series of games around supernatural/horror/psychological with abilities related to that. Its first demo chapter will be coming out in the next seven days.

The second is a title with its name in progress but labeled Megacorp in my files. You’ll attempt to work your way up the ladder of a megacorp and hopefully take the top seat one day. But watch out for hostile takeovers (armed conflict) and espionage. Dig up lost technology or discover new ones as you go from rags to riches. (This game will have an in-depth character creation at the start. From selecting an origin, to picking character traits, and adding stats points. As well as deciding which Megacorp you’ll work for with each having it’s own unique advantages in different fields of technology. From genetic engineering to cybernetics, and a few crazy other ones.)





Loved it, but i wonder what kind of story going to be developed from this? also can I ask whether we will appear as a figure or some sort of spirit


We will have a tangible physical form
If you play the mine dungeon you can get a slight feel for what its like


Cool, looking forward for this Book/game!

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Oh no, I’ve seen this before… It just means the progress will be even slower, and might be abandoned altogether. :c

I don’t think the project going to be evicted, I think it moved to being one major update every like three months now instead of Minor update to the project every two weeks if that makes more sense

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I just had a thought for a few achievements dealing with a dungeon core under your wing, mentor progeny= you choose to take a younger core under your teachings, mentor intermediate= progeny take your lessons to heart and follow your advice, progeny inspirely = your progeny show their own path, just to name a few achievements I I just come up with feel free to use them as you like

Well I didn’t feel like that at first now I kinda agree 3games plus a book. Updates where coming more steadily before.

Well, this is sad. Almost 2 months of silence from the author, and almost 1 month of no activity in this topic…


Some day


Looking forward to your return some time this year, I hoping to see more options later this year hopefully.


Did the Songs of Silence ever get dropped ? I’m guessing not, huh, since i’m not seeing it in search. Well, like the other person said, I’m looking forward to the authors return. I ended up liking this game, when I hadn’t thought I would. So, now i’m especially looking forward to any of his other work.


Check out his Patreon for a happy update from about 11 days ago! That post specifically is public so anyone should be able to read it. Hopefully we’ll have a game update soon~


I really love this. I played as angelic dungeon that challenged people to be better. My dungeon looks like a forest and I made faeries and magical stags. It was a fun game overall and it made me want to make a druid game lol. I just loved this alot, author.

I hopeyou plan to continue this. But even if you dont, thank you for what you have made so far. :smiley:


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