Heart of a Dungeon (WiP): Update 12/09/2023

I think there is option for it if i remember because i don’t remember harming the twins but just the bullies


You can’t be kind in the sense that you let the children collect your loot AND kill the trio, but the game is written such that the twins always escape. If you read the text more closely, you’d notice that the only outright kills are the trio, with the twins having beelined to the rowboat before the dungeon focused on the bullies. With no other mention of any corpses besides the three kids, it’s likely you don’t kill the twins.


Yeah, to be more precise I wished we could ask our monster to go put the twin in a safe place and then kill/beat up the trio of bullies and escort the twin to collect our dungeons treasures after.

As the options that mention you wanting to use lethal force is aimed at every children, twin included. Because after the combat MC ask their monster why they didn’t kill the twin too.

The options



I suppose I should probably explain my thinking with this part. My reasoning is that dungeons are different from normal existences, so since you’re a newborn you haven’t quite come to grips with morality yet. Acting more on impulses and immature feelings at this point. However, your monsters, have a natural biological impulse to protect the young unless deemed they would be a waste or resources by their actions. Your monsters sense your misgivings through their link with you and your choices, even if you don’t quite get it yet, they do. And so they acted on your subconscious thoughts of wanting to protect those kids.

Your orders etc, overwrite your monsters natural thought process/instincts. But you’re still young, so it’ll take time for your personality to bleed into them.


Ok, quick announcement. I’m testing Chapter 2 Part 1 for Temple and Fortress. I ran into a few issues with them since they have some things different from the other locations hence the delay. On another note, while I’ve been busy with other things I didn’t forget to keep developing the game. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 for all locations (except temple and fortress) are already in a rough code draft form. So it’s just a case of testing and fixing any issues before publishing them. So, updates will be pretty quick over the next two weeks.

Upcoming features up to chapter 5: Relationships, you can start building towards friendly and romantic relationships. Name and gender. Avatar stabilization (with investments), you’ll have more physical freedom. New characters. Split storyline, (You’ll have a choice of what events, if any, you want to take part in. These will shape a number of things as the story plays out. Choices may include: Help in dealing with a rebel lord. Defend against a violent dungeon. An Emissary may approach you, your choice could shape the kingdom’s future. and more…


hm for the temple version i can only think of angels and devils


Other possible temple guardians- Gargoyles, stone lions, church grims.


Hoping for mummies.


The Temple chap 2 part 1 for relevant patrons will be dropping today and chapter 1 will be entering the public and patron games for everyone else. The same may happen for the Fortress today, if not today definitely tomorrow. And part 2 of chapter 2 will be coming in the same timeframe. The full chap 3 for all locations is slotted to arrive between tomorrow and late Wednesday (for me in the UK), with the full chapter 4 slotted between friday and sunday depending on a few things. Overall, it looks like the full 15 chapters will be finished before the 24th September and be entering beta around that date. All patrons will have access to the beta, while there will be a certain number of slots for those on the CoG forum following the game development and some more made available for the public beta announcement of those who haven’t been following it. Serious development of Golemcraft will begin the same day HoaD enters beta.


Looking forward to the future monster compendium
Really want to see what we get to fill the dungeon with


Sooo I honestly didn’t think i’d like this. I’ve been passing it up for months. But wow, this is really good and I absolutely love it. Lol being a dungeon Is kinda cool actually.


Asking for updates is against TOS.


Good to know

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Apologies, got delayed by a sudden family health issue. Temple chapter 1 is now available for everyone. Chapter 2 part 1 for the temple is now up for patrons. Fortress will arrive later followed by chap 2 part 2 for all locations. Hopefully, complete chap 3 arrives tomorrow.


I’m glad you like it.


Oh, I really like the temple. And the (seems to me) sarcastic statue.


Thanks for the chapters both here and over on RR


Wordcounts updated.


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( if You Get You Get It, Want a Hint? Fine One Word “Borders”)


flamenco guitar noises intensifies

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