Good "Sandbox" IF?

What are some good “sandbox” games, where you can develop a character and there are many different paths and/or endings? Some examples of what I’m thinking of would be Choice of Robots and Choice of Magic. Also, I put this in “Other IF” because I’m looking for any games, but any other CoG games would be alright too.


Are you looking for any particular genre? If not, off the top of my head I would recommend Tin Star, which is far up on the list in terms of sheer variability of the MC. Also, if you don’t mind being gender locked, Sabres and Guns of Infinity might interest you. (:


I don’t know if it’s necessarily a sandbox, but I think the Dragon Age series has a lot of MC variability and is sandbox in nature depending on how you approach it.


Day Off Work is about as sandbox as it gets.

For clarification: sandbox means unlimited. These type of games simply doesn’t have any goal; rather, the goal is to play with freedom. As such, I won’t put CoR or XoR into sandbox category since they have defined ending. They’d be something like story-heavy or novel-like, I’d say.

From the Depths, GTA, Terraria, Garry’s Mod, and Minecraft are sandbox.


Sandbox if can be really hard to find as they’re usually telling a story. Widely branching games with completely different unrelated storylines are not often written in choicescript due to the word count to playthrough ratio that tends to get them killed in the reviews (not even cor has open world, there’s still a storyline with different branches). Galatea (parser) is relatively sandbox within a defined frame but otherwise doesn’t fit anything else you want. If you’re looking for something more like Minecraft in scale I’m not sure it exists.


I guess I didn’t necessarily mean complete sandbox. A goal or story is fine, like CoR/CoM, but those games still have many different paths and endings, and you can do a fair bit to develop your character. Choice of Dragons also has a fair bit of the kind of character development/progression I’m thinking of, though is a little too light on other aspects for me.

Life of a Wizard and Life of a Mobster are both very open ended games and very fun.

Life of a Mercenary, Swamp Castle, Lords of Aswick of the top of my head among the Choice of Games/Hosted series

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