Gilded Rails — Speed dating for the railroad robber baron!



Even with the easiest difficulty it’s really hard to please some people. There are some achievements like marry all candidates or be engaged to all candidates. I don’t think these are possible to achieve at all. Or maybe I am just that bad at playing this game. But I hope I am not the only one. :sweat_smile:


How do yiu marry the office manager?


So which one is easy. Yes or no?


“Nope” is the easy one. “Maybe” is medium, “Yes” is hard.


Thx. Also do you know how to romance diane. I just can’t get it right


No problem.

Not really, sorry. Some general advice would be to try picking the choices which correspond to your highest stat. And also focusing on raising that stat so it’s high enough to pass the stat checks because failing them actually decreases the the “romance” stat.