Gilded Rails — Speed dating for the railroad robber baron!

Might have been what Mary mentioned on the interview thread, that there had been a bug with the romantic options and gender.

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It was both that and a few other small errors that Abby caught in a QA playthrough.


Congratulations Anaea Lay!


Thanks for saying that. Even the shortest of these things is really hard to write, and sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle as people offer their responses. Even constructive criticism can be really hard to look at after the emotional exhale of a release without being leavened by recognition of the achievement. That’s what makes us a community, not just a band of reviewers, and that’s what I like best about us.

Congratulations as well, Anaea Lay, and I hope you write lots, lots more.


I know what you mean by “Even the shortest of these things can be hard to write.” I started a project (that I never finished btw) and I had a lot of trouble writing like 3k words hahaha :smile:

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Is it possible to marry Evans? I can’t find a way to trigger evans_eligible.

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Oh, that seems like fun! Since my exams are over, I think I’ll try this game out and then try to be more active in the forum.

Looking at the reviews so far, I think a mini-patch to add a

([i]Note: This sets the game's difficulty[/i])

behind the question there might be in need.
Lots of people seem unhappy at how difficult the game is, and the flavortext at the first question might not be enough. :confused:


I like that idea. I’ve only read the demo so far, but picking that you’re up for the challenge gave me no definite indication that was setting the difficulty high although I guessed it was probably having an effect on the stats. (If you pick one of the other options it tells you there’ll be help, but if you pick that you’re up to the challenge, to some it’ll probably look more like an introductory question to get you started in the game rather than a difficulty setter.)


That was actually changed in a patch yesterday.


I just checked the new version and, it’s a bit better, but YMMV it’s still not all that clear that that sets a difficulty and is not just some bantering with the narrator.

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The game actually feels a little short - it ends when I feel like I’ve barely been able to make any significant changes to expanding my railroad by the time the game ends. And, like, no one except my childhood friend is at all interested in a romance no matter what i do.

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The game is ridiculously difficult :confused: and its a bit short, I’ve hardly been able to do much for my railroad (and the things I do accomplish are criticized anyway) and I get it’s “speed dating” but holy hell not only are most ROs assholes, but impossible to please in time. Don’t know if I’m just shit at picking correct choices but I really wish it was less challenging.

@Divine Not a lot of people know that the first choice in the game (“are you ready to play - yes, no, maybe”) actually sets the game’s difficulty! That may be why it seems inordinately challenging for you? (I haven’t played yet but that’s what I’ve heard.)

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Even with the easiest difficulty it’s really hard to please some people. There are some achievements like marry all candidates or be engaged to all candidates. I don’t think these are possible to achieve at all. Or maybe I am just that bad at playing this game. But I hope I am not the only one. :sweat_smile:

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How do yiu marry the office manager?

So which one is easy. Yes or no?

“Nope” is the easy one. “Maybe” is medium, “Yes” is hard.

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Thx. Also do you know how to romance diane. I just can’t get it right

No problem.

Not really, sorry. Some general advice would be to try picking the choices which correspond to your highest stat. And also focusing on raising that stat so it’s high enough to pass the stat checks because failing them actually decreases the the “romance” stat.