Get the girl in the end?


For the record, I only remember them as the blonde guy, the ginger, and the brunette guy.



I spent many playthroughs trying to get a happy ever after with Villeneuve, only because the text says ‘she doesn’t love you as much as you love her’, a challenge from the writer if I ever saw one. I’m not sure I believe this though, since Villeneuve’s own parting words are exceptionally loving, and it’s no surprise she didn’t like the MC publicly kissing her, when they could both get hanged for being gay (assuming Albion has similar laws to Georgian England).

In the end though, the Villeneuve romance probably works better as a tragedy. ‘All women kill the thing they love’ (Oscar Wilde), and Villeneuve can’t let the MC resign or surrender without killing the warrior spirit she herself fell in love with.