Genderlocking in Games

Seeing several conversations about genderlocking recently I would like to throw in my two cents. I honestly have no problem with genderlocking in games, even when they are not my own gender. I am only annoyed when the locking intrudes on my ability to play my character the way I want to. Which rarely happens. But most importantly I absolutely hate when a game should be genderlocked and isn’t. For instance in choice of ?romance?you can play as both a male and a female. Being male I might chose to play as one, but (as I found from personal experience) this option was highly.disappointing as the game was clearly written for a female view point. This being said I was able to enjoy the game after playing it as a female. Games should be genderlocked if the gender switching only switches the pronouns people use. (This was originally posted on the Guenevenere thread) Also I typed this on a tablet while not being able too see it /: so excuse any typos and any choppy writing

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