Gender Pronouns Help

So like the title says, I’m having some type of issue with the gender pronouns. The simple pronouns such as he/she, his/her, himself/herself, are working like they’re supposed to be. Even the whole Prince/Princess one is. Only two of them are giving me problems and I have zero understanding why since they are listed the exact same way as the others for coding.

The code is below:

*create gender “male”
*create he “he”
*create him “him”
*create himself “himself”
*create his “his”
*create man “man”
*create boy “boy”
*create son “son”
*create groom “groom”
*create prince “Prince”
*create King “King”
*create sir “sir”
*create Lord “Lord”

And the actual gender choice in game: *don’t mind the indentations, they’re fine in game
*set gender “male”
*set he “he”
*set him “him”
*set himself “himself”
*set his “his”
*set man “man”
*set boy “boy”
*set son “son”
*set groom “groom”
*set prince “Prince”
*set King “King”
*set Lord “Lord”
*set sir “sir”
*goto End
*set gender “female”
*set he “she”
*set him “her”
*set himself “herself”
*set his “hers”
*set man “woman”
*set boy “girl”
*set son “daughter”
*set groom “bride”
*set King “Queen”
*set Lord “Lady”
*set prince “Princess”
*set sir “madam”
*goto End

The problem is the sir and the Lord codes. Sir pops up as such for both genders and Lord pops up as 48 . . . for females. Like such . . .

. . . I have zero clue what’s happening, thoughts?

Is there anyplace else in your code where you *set Lord as anything else?

And just to check, is “lady” a variable anywhere in the game? One that might be numeric?

Nope for both. I checked every place that “Lady” shows up and the only place is in the code above.

And the code showing up as 48 is ${Lord}?

You can get by without a “himself” variable, btw – {him}self will do the job. And re: {his}, I suspect you’ll use a his/her variable roughly 100 times more often than a his/hers variable.


Make sure your current version of the game code is all saved.

If I was using notepad++ I’d use the search all the game files to make sure there’s not another case of

*set Lord

@Havenstone Thanks, deleting!

@FairyGodfeather and I found the issue . . . I had to restart the actual game when you bring up the index file into the browser. Would not have thought of that smh.

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