Gauging Interest: Would You Join an Interactive Fiction Writers’ Group on the Forums?

That’s a great idea @Queen_Zelda. Being able to see how others use certain functions/ commands in their actual work would be really beneficial. I might even learn when and how to use multi-replace.


Lol, it’s actually my old AOL username :rofl: But now I’ve just dated myself.


Writing exercises? Hum, I can’t seem to stop thinking about the treadmill in the basement and it telling me accusatorily that it’s been 6 months and I’m starting to look a little soft around the midsection, and asking why I even bought it in the first place if I’m not even going to use it…whew! How about writing jaunts? Or writing strolls? Those sound pleasant, don’t they?


How about writing picnics? (We all get some delicious mind food out of it xD) Or writing parties?


Thanks Eiwynn for allowing us to do this on the monthly writer support thread. Ever since I joined it, I found a group of like-minded people, both newcomers and veterans alike.

Thank you for the nice words, RockmanX.

What Rob is trying to get going has a different purpose at the core of his efforts than my support thread.

The group he is trying to jump-start here is common outside of IF, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t translated into the wider IF-community before now.

Presently, semantics seem to be tripping people up. The word “assignment”, as in a “task”, “job”, or “lesson” is being eyed warily. I get why, but I feel there is a better conceptualization.

These will be more like writing vehicles, used to get your writing skills from one point to another.

There are no associated Uni credits or employment contracts with this group, so these will be collaborative efforts by everyone involved to lift each other as each individual grows.

The potential here is real, I truly hope this writer’s group takes hold and grows over time.


I don’t have any ideas for assignments (or projects/exercises/writing strolls/picnics, lol), but I’d be interested in joining. There’s always more to learn!


That’s great to hear! I’ll likely continue to see if more people would be interested in joining until Monday the 1st (Don’t worry, this isn’t a prank!), leaving this up for a week. If we get at least six people who would like to join, then that’s a good start. Then, I’ll create a DM group and send a message welcoming everyone. It would probably be a good idea to introduce ourselves, discuss anything we are working on, and how the group should work. I encourage you to think about what you’d like to gain from the group between now and then.
I look forward to getting to know you and helping each other to become better writers!


Not sure if I have time for assignments but I’m interested too :pray:

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Fantastic! As I mentioned earlier, assignments, strolls, exercises, or whatever will be flexible but highly encouraged. The presentation of work and feedback is the way we intend to improve, so having a baseline (assignment) to consider would help tailor feedback to each author. Considering it is a writer’s group and the goal is to improve by pushing our creativity outside what we might typically write (our WIP), they certainly won’t be mandatory. Happy to have you!

I’ll admit I’m a bit curious too, even if merely seeing the word “assignment” makes my stress levels go through the roof, but right now I can’t really commit to anything new.


I can relate; between running my business, playing ‘soccer dad’ to two kids in travel leagues, and working on my WIP, I’m running on all cylinders. But, staying busy keeps me out of trouble :smiling_imp: I can assure you I’m no masochist and wouldn’t want to add to my own stress levels by piling on work; I’m targeting any ‘strolls or picnics’ be at most a single page and hopefully fun and engaging (we enjoy writing right?), but creating a supportive community I hope will alleviate the hardest part about writing which in my mind is the isolation. To reiterate the quote in my initial post attributed to Mr. King, “Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference.” That’s the goal, not to beat each other up if we miss an assignment…I mean picnic. Some of the things I have in mind can likely be tied directly into any projects you might be working on, like looking at different ways to outline characters or scenes, taking a look at story structure, etc. If you can carve out a little time in the future, you are more than welcome to join the group anytime.


A question, what do you consider feedback? That is key. Because what I consider feedback would not consider feedback to most people.

I really think maybe you should do tiers or labels each writer consider feedback.

An example, I dont give feedback to new writers because I could cause without me wanting it a discouragement. I am honest and dont do sandwitch feedback.

Feedback by itself is nothing if it is not a feedback the author can use because they are not ready for it or it is not what they need.

Same time it will serve the others to skip giving feedback towards people are not in same vibe.


I think it’s possible to provide feedback in the sandwich variety while still providing honest and actionable feedback. I think that’s probably key, the feedback should be something however small that the writer can do in a rewrite to potentially improve the text. And, there’s always something positive to say, just the simple fact that the author wrote something and was brave enough to share is something positive and should be encouraged. I think it’s important that writers be honest, I think if a writer weren’t their work would likely suffer, but I also believe that honesty should be delivered with tact, especially if the goal is to empower.

Also, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by tiers or labels. Can you explain that to me? If it’s something that might help the group, I’m all for it.

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Forget it. It is probably something you wont need as you go for political feedback.

I am more harsh feedback. Those two styles tend to clash

I think Mara meant (without asking her) that perhaps the writer can ask for the different types of feedback that CoG uses: low level, general, and high level feedback…

low level – hey guys, i need editing help!

general – hey everyone, I need to know if this transition works.

high level – hey there… can I get feedback on how my character development progresses?


No really. Even if those are useful and practical.

I am more for the impact that the feedback can cause in the writer and what level of criticism can acept.

Some people get triggered by some styles of give info and data and need emotional support.

It is also needed if the author intemds publication or is for fun

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Oh, targeted feedback could definitely be helpful. Especially if the author is working through something in particular, or recognizes that a specific section needs work.


But, I also think that a person that is interested in joining a group like this, they are doing so because they recognize that there is room for improvement in their writing, but they might not recognize where that improvement can be found. So, they will likely improve using a bit of a ‘softer’ touch and slowly, through a gradual and encouraging process rather than harsh criticism, which can be discouraging as you say if they aren’t ready for that.

The group isn’t really intended to serve as a final reader, or editor before publication.

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Fine enough, reason why I refrain myself of joining I am not a good diplomat. And also represent the school if people will sweet for you feedback. There is not room to improvement and you will never really growth or improve and if you reach publication reality will plummet in real feedback