Gauging Interest: Would You Join an Interactive Fiction Writers’ Group on the Forums?

Personally, I think both the feedback types @Eiwynn mentioned (low-general-high) and the ones @poison_mara is talking about (softer vs harsher) can be useful.

If the assignment-exercise-picnic is about picturing a forest and you know setting description is one of your weaknesses, sometimes it can be useful to know what you did well and what you didn’t, but sometimes it can be more helpful just to know what went wrong. Like ripping the band-aid off.

But you are right, it could be discouraging…

I don’t know. Maybe there should be “steam review” option – say you want that for a specific assignment, and you get criticism as though the person giving feedback had to pay to read it but went over the two hour play mark so they can’t return it. :sweat_smile:


It should also be noted that only some people who create stories in Choicescript are doing so with the goal of publication. For some, this is a fun way to unleash their creativity, which should be respected. It’d be great if there was a feedback boot camp, and your goal is to get torn down to be built back up; if that works for you, that would be great! Someone should start that for the community, but for people who want to be a part of something that encourages them to write outside their comfort zone, make mistakes, refine, and improve. Then that’s what I hope this becomes. I want there to be a place where someone tries a CS game, says I have a story, and I want to write it using this system; how do I do that? They can find a place where, by being an active participant, they can discover focused, authentic, and actionable feedback where they can write a well-written and finished story because it’s much easier to do that when you have a team cheering you along the way.


But, if you’re interested you should join. Who knows maybe you’ll learn a new and different way of delivering feedback, for those times when maybe ‘harsh’ isn’t called for. You never know.


This effort is all Rob’s; I was just Mara-whispering and interpreting what she meant in her post.

One of the tough things to do will be the balancing of “Hobby” authors and “HG” authors. I don’t envy him this task, but it will be needed to be done.

There are unifying vehicles such as the Halloween Jam that can be used for both groups, and I am sure Rob will find lots to do.

My biggest hope is that all those involved will look beyond their own perspectives and strive to understand and appreciate other perspectives.

I will be here, mostly observing to begin with.


Ahh, it’ll be great…right? Right? :rofl: J/K it’ll be awesome!


I still would be interested in our writing picnics :laughing: I need mind food and thinking drinks :yum: or something like that :joy:

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Hey @Queen_Zelda! I am glad you are still interested in the writer’s group. I planned to leave this interest thread until tomorrow and then compile a list of people who showed interest in joining. I’ll then send out a DM to that group with some initial thoughts on how this thing might go, picnics, submitting your project work for feedback, feedback format, reiterating the need to provide supportive, encouraging, and actionable feedback, requests for any ideas for the group from the members, and some initial introductions. Then, we can set a date and subject for our first stroll. We’ll start slow. It’ll likely take some time to get our sea legs under us. Those are my thoughts. I am all ears (fitting turn of phrase for Easter, I might add)if you have anything you’d like to add or change.


I’d also be interested in seeing how this would go as well.

Though it’d depend on how often active engagement is needed; kinda fairly busy with work at the moment that my own writing has been placed on the back burner for the most part.