Games of thrones

I was wondering if anybody had thought of making a game of game of thrones ???


I was intrigued because it had Shaun Bean (Borimir) as a main character. Maybe I’ll give it another chance eventually

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I have a feeling that there might be copyright

And telltale games (The creators of the walking dead and Wolf among us) are already making a game co-operating with the creators of game of thrones. They are pretty much like choice of games but cost a little more and are a little better (not longer thou)

So you can look for that but that isn’t coming out till 2015 i think or late 14


The books are good. But I agree about the TV series. I think it’s ironic someone released an adult parody of GoT and it apparently has less rude scenes than the TV series

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I do recommend the books. It is the other series I’m reading along with the Skulduggery series.

I agree on recommending on reading the books I tried watching the series but couldn’t really get into it

Both books and tv show have a terrific plot and characters. It’s a shame that HBO goes overboard with the gratuitous nudity, but it’s still one of the best political shows on TV today.


Yeah I know people who would love the plot but they wouldn’t watch because of the nudity.

Sigh, I’ll probably never understand all this hubbub about our natural state.
Nudity is simply a part of life other than maybe admiring the perfection of the cute guy who used to play Viserys I must say I did not really care for the rest of it but neither has it bothered me in the slightest. Honestly I hope they aren’t going to make Theon’s tortures any more graphic, if the horros in the books are any indication, now THAT would bother me.

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There is a scene in the TV series that is actually worse than the books. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to post major spoilers.

If you don’t want to watch the show because of the ridiculous amount of (female) nudity, then I definitely recommend the books! The books are 500% better than the TV sho2.

@idonotlikeusernames my problem with the nudity is that it’s always female characters that are shown to be naked while male characters are almost always clothed. Remember the Robb/Talisa scenes, anyone? And the Jon/Ygritte scene as well.

Yeah, they’re total hypocrites when it comes to male nudity.

I don’t mind seeing nudity, it just seems to me that the whole tv show revolves around it, and that’s not something that strikes my interest.

@Nocturnal_Stillness, I’ve only actually read the first book,the rest of my knowledge comes mainly from the TV series and the wiki’s (I’m an habitual reader of TVtropes and all sorts of wiki’s on my several times weekly commute, so I kind of spoiler most things for myself already). Reading the rest of the series is one of those things I’d like to get around to eventually but can’t seem to find the time for at the moment.

@attolia, True, women and gay guys are still a woefully underserved demographic when it comes to the fanservice in most popular media.

I don’t mind the nudity because if people have sticks up their posteriors about a natural thing then why watch it? Agree on the over abundance of female goods though, TV usually does that and passes on the guys. They did even things out a bit on the Spartacus show though… anyways I’ve never seen the TV show for GoT, have only read the first two books.

If you’re reffering to me, I don’t mind nudity. Does that mean my favorite genre of TV is medieval pornography, and that I’m stuck up if I don’t want to watch hours upon hours of it? Absolutely not.

No I’m not referring to anyone. I’m just saying that people who dont watch something because of nudity have their choice and I have mine. If that’s the only reason not to watch something then I don’t get them. I respect their choices but don’t get them @Samuel_ H_Young

Eh, the problem with the nudity on Game of Thrones is that it’s not a “natural thing.” Or at least not often enough. It feels very unnatural to have virtually all the nudity be lovely young women displaying themselves to the camera – all the more so when (as too often in season one) the point seemed to be to keep easily bored male audience members from switching channels during a bout of exposition. If it’s about what’s “natural,” where’s the male nudity - where’s the non-sexual nudity - where’s the older people?

The way nudity is used in GoT clearly takes its beats from porn, and porn is lazy storytelling, and I can totally respect people who don’t have time for that.

That said, Sam, you may just have to take our word that there’s a lot more to the show than that weakness. GoT is among other things medieval porn; but it’s more than that, especially as the show developed. Every HBO show suffers more from the attention of the CEO of Tits in the early going - even the masterpieces like The Wire.

@Scrivener, one of the (many) reasons I loved Spartacus was because it was pretty equal oppurtunity with the nudity.

@Havenstone, well said. My biggest complaint with GoT is how grossly male gaze-y the show is.

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