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I haven’t even read all of the comments but I need to say now that although there is a lot of nudity I believe the comment that it is an excuse just to show people naked is crap.
As a matter of fact it actually gives a more truthful insight as to how workings in medieval courts would actually have been, particularly in regard towards some of the more sexually voracious leaders and political powers. Plus it actually has an incredibly well thought out plot-line and if some people actually gave it a chance they would understand how brilliant it is and how well the actors portray there characters.


I have watched the series and I thought it would make a great multiple choice game but it would be a very lengthy one ! If it is made by the right writer it could be a great game !!


Has anybody watched the series ?


No but I will watch it one day, if I have time… I still need to watch TWD, Breaking Bad and other series…


Just got caught up with TWD. I recommend it to all. Step sis has the first two seasons of GoT so I’ll have to borrow them soon.


First, GoT is one of the few shows that I’m caught up on. I like the story, but don’t the time or energy to read the books.

To weigh in on the nudity thing, both sides have the right of it, to some extent. The shows is obviously leaning towards the ‘male gaze’, and could do with a lot more equality in that regard, if just for the sake of realism, while at the same time, the treatment of prostitution and nudity is more within the bounds of realism than a lot of other series, and therefore cannot be derided entirely in my opinion.

It’s clear (and I say this without having read the books), that they are ‘dumbing down’ a more epic, fantastical story for a broader audience. Whatever you may say about that, whether it’s a good way to get a good story to more people, or a travesty of artistic integrity, you can see where they are coming from. The only proof I think I need to show of this is the sideline with Tyrion the Imp’s squire, Podrick Payne, in the third season. If you’ve seen the show you probably already know what I’m talking about, but to be clearer, it’s the scenes with the whores and the money back. To those that haven’t seen the third season, “It’s hard to describe.” (A joke, to be sure, but as I genuinely recommend the show, I will give no more.) When I first saw that scene, I thought it had to elude to something more, but in fact it doesn’t. It’s entirely an addition for the show, and I think it shows quite clearly, as it’s such a lowest common denominator joke in a story otherwise filled with intrigue.

The nudity is just an aspect of that. A lot of it is there only because they know that it’ll pull in more views. If they did it solely for the sake of realism, you’d simply see a lot more men naked. That’s all there is to it. And I think for a lot of people arguing against the nudity, that’s the kicker. They aren’t doing it for ‘artistic integrity’ or ‘realism’ or any other such concept. Instead they are using the nudity primarily to get the 18 to 49 year old male demographic to turn on the show, just to see tits. Sounds crude when put like that, right? That’s because it is. It’s a crude tool to get more views without a significant change in content. Most people that they are already aiming at won’t turn off the show because of nudity, so add it in and you get more views, even if it contributes nothing else to the story. That’s what they are doing, and that’s what (I think) the majority of people who deride the nudity are angered by.


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I think I saw once that George R.R. Martin was attached to the show and they got his advice for the show to see if this should happen or can we change that bit or tweak some things. You’d think he’d pull the plug on certain items if he could.


The books ruined fantasy for me (in a good way). Martin’s characters are the best in the business in my opinion. He’s also the only author that actually caused me to toss my book across the room in anger. And then I picked the darn thing back up and started reading it again. *sigh* He’s a horrible, horrible man. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And I agree with the too much nudity is a distraction crowd. Well of course it’s a distraction. Giggity! But seriously. Is it adding any honest to goodness depth to the characters or is the direction of that episode just trying to get a standing ovation? Poppycock! Keep the porn to porn. Keep the epic storytelling to epic storytelling. Plus I get embarrassed watching that kinda stuff with friends. It’s just awkward. “So uh…you want some Doritos while you watch those heaving bosoms? Uh…yeah me either.”

I think Martin’s goal is just to troll us through and through. He’ll probably die out of spite. I used to read his blog and he was genuinely teed off that so many people kept bugging him about not finishing his books cause he was getting older. The man doesn’t exactly look like he takes care of himself, but you know, its his story! He’ll get to it when he can. Poor Robert Jordan. He kinda ruined it for writers. But Jordan was a remarkable man too. Wish we’d get a nice biography about his legacy at the theater.


he might finish the first book in a brilliant new series before he dies, ignoring GoT 6, then laugh from his seven hells as fans tear their hair out and curse his name.


It’s weird to see people complaining about too much sex in the shows. It’s not like the books are much different. There’s all kinds of completely superfluous sex scenes in the books. It’s especially weird that GRR Martin felt the need to show us Theon Greyjoy getting a blowjob from some nobody peasant we’ll never see again when Martin doesn’t even bother to depict half of the major battles in the war for the throne at all. We just hear about them in letters and stuff.


I think a lot of discussion about the shows are based off people that have yet to read the books, @Chamomile . I know that was why I commented more on the show than the books themselves.

You gotta wonder what goes on in Martin’s mind. Like if you’re talking to him…is he thinking about giving you either a blowjob or slicing off part of your nose? Maybe he is just hoping you’d offer him a beer and watch football with him. Maybe all three at the same time.

I think too much sex and too many major battles would get tedious after awhile. My guess is that there might be more sexual things because it’s something he can attribute to a specific character. Cause you know, that’s important stuff right there, what those nobody peasants do. Theon Greyjoy on that boat for instance. Theon Greyjoy and his awkward relationship with his sister. Theon Greyjoy and…yeah. I am glad I’m not Theon Greyjoy.


Too much sex DID get tedious after a while. I was practically sleeping through the Danaerys chapters after a while because even after she started actually doing things a solid 50% of her character was still all the sex she was having. Most of it pointless. It was really stupid.

And notably, Tyrion has almost none of his actual sex described (so far as I read, at least) despite being the only character whose personal plot arc actually revolved around sex, probably because GRR Martin didn’t like masturbating to dwarf-sex. I’m not opposed to sex in literature or any other kind of art, but the porn intermixed with medieval politics is really, really jarring. Plus, it’s not very good porn.

And come to think of it, Cersei’s liaisons are not often described despite, again, having an actual impact on the plot.

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