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I noticed today that our Kindle reviews complain that our games are too short, whereas our iPhone reviews complain that our games are too long. :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Growing Game Lengths

I guess that speaks to the audiences those devices attract – a Kindle user would be used to novel-length works, an iPhone user wants something that’ll fill five minutes.

Personally, when I played Dragon and Broadsides for the first time, I thought they were fine, and I’ve never really changed my mind. They’re long enough that you get to do a lot of cool things, and there are enough choices that it’s worth going through them multiple times and it feels like a different story each time. But they’re also short enough that you can play them start to finish in a single sitting without feeling like you’re wasting a lot of time.

Romance and Vampire felt shorter to me, but I think that’s more to do with the fact that they kind of end on cliffhangers. Dragon and Broadsides have some closure – it feels like both games end in retirement, even though there’s some room for continuation. Romance ends in a marriage, which is a fair enough goal, but to me, the ending makes it feel like this was just the first stage of a larger story, and now we’ve got to wait for that one to come out. Vampire traces a historically significant span of time and ends on a pretty major event, but… I don’t know, it seemed like it ended just when it was warming up. I didn’t feel that falling action/resolution end of the story arc.

And that’s just my impressions. It’s not really something I’m angry about; I think all the games are great. I’ve played them all numerous times, and I talk them up with people I know and on forums and everything. I don’t have any complaints to make or advice to give. I think you folks have a good feel for how many events it takes to make a game feel “full”. So there you go. :slight_smile:


I think, as CP said, that they’re long enough.

If we’re also including the User-created ones, I think What Happened Last Night & Paranoia were too short. They were good, just left me empty.


Dragon and Broadsides felt ‘just right’ for me, but that was probably due more to the sense of closure than actual time spent reading/playing the games. I have probably played Vampire much longer (both on one playthrough and on total times spent replaying), but it ‘feels’ shorter because of the cliffhanger ending.

Just my $0.02


I enjoyed the feeling of closure more than them being too short or too long.


To be honest, if they bundled What Happened Last Night, Paranoia and the other two indie in a single “app” or something, I bet people would at least look at it more like a humorous spinoff instead of “tiny indie stuffs”.

I think Dragon and Broadsides are fine in length - but if it is sightly longer and less linear, it can be a different yet equally interesting experience compared to CoV and CoR
(CoV and CoR for people who want longer stuff, CoD and CoB for people who want bite-sized stuff that taste different a lot)

A better summary for CoV and CoR, and people will be more satisfied with their bite-sized adventure.


I would like “epic” scale games very much, but I fear that this could raise some problems. For example, with longer games people might ask for save/load options because it would not always be possible to finish a game within a single session. Does ChoiceScript support this at this time?

Rather than making games longer, it might be a better idea to make them less linear and add more story variations, so that they have more replaying value. After playing Broadsides several times over, you know the pattern of the story and the only interesting thing is what different results will come of different decisions. Adding more storylines would add to the depth of the game but not necessarily to game length.


All the time I play CoG they save my progress everytime I open and close the website, presumed it used cookies or somesuch


I think I’d like longer-scale games, but that’s mainly because I’m poor, homeless, and unemployed*-- which means if I have six bucks to spend on Kindle, I’m probably going to do it on something I can do/read over and over and over again, rather than something where I can get the pattern down quickly and kill maybe one afternoon with.

*Translates to: Broke, jobless, and living at my dad’s (which is unfavorable to us both)


It seems to me like the Iphone users are just bitter about not getting their resolution faster. It’s always possible to allow ‘quick exit’ endings while still offering the longer path for those who are interested. Personally, even with my short atten—Hey! Ocelot kittens sound like lasers!

Er…even with being easily distracted by shiny things and cat videos, I’m more inclined for the longer versions. I love getting immersed in the universes provided and soak up minutiae like a sponge, but it’s not like you can truly finish a CoG while on a 5 minute bus ride, otherwise you’re missing out.


I played cog dragon, vampire, and broadsides on my computer as well as a friend’s android phone. I found the length fine on both. I actually preferred the longer broadsides and vampire games. I’m eagerly awaiting the continuation of the vampire game, especially since there will be an option to continue with a character already developed. I’m surprised that there are individuals unhappy with the length on some of the games, especially since you can leave the game and then return to it later without losing data.


Hahaha funny you would say that…:wink: I think if a bunch of people says its to long and a bunch says its to short then that means it’s at a perfect length…:slight_smile: to be honest I prefer looooonnngg CoG…



Lol; Personally, I’m an iPhone user who thinks the game should be longer :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s just me…When I read stories online, I typically look for 100,000+ words xD
But less idealisticly, I felt that CoR was actually really short; I think the length of CoB was satisfying :]
CoDragon actually felt short to me and CoVampire was around the okay range ^.^

I really don’t see how anyone would say it’s too long *shrugs*
The length is perfectly alright; I prefer longer games (Even if it means add an extra doller or so) but I think it’s okay as it stands :stuck_out_tongue:


i think cp hit the nail right on the head. the people using one device versus the other simply expect different things.

seems to me that the people who’ve played on the website think that for the most part, the games are pretty much the perfect length, provided we get some sequels. ;3


I an an avid reader. So personally I would like to see some longer stories/adventures. Like all things, it is a matter of opinion…so just have some long ones and short ones lol I’ll probably play them all!


^ Variety is the spice of life…


Same, DJ_CUTY. The longer ones are the best.


Guys, this is a thread where the last post was made over 2 years ago. The state of choice of games has changed immensely from the days of 4 official games.


Oh, I know that, and was in no way complaining about Choice of Games or something. The thread was already bumped, though, and it doesn’t really change my opinion. I still prefer longer stories to shorter ones, you know?


I love when they’re really long, I can’t believe someone would complain over that. My book’s gonna be 250k!